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Creating better futures together

What's most important to us is understanding what a better future means to our customers and helping them get there.

Our 2030 Sustainability Strategy is centred around six objectives

We believe that as one of Australia’s largest companies, we have a role to play in helping to create a positive social, economic and environmental impact. Our Sustainability Strategy is aligned to our Group Strategy and Purpose, and centres upon six objectives we will be seeking to achieve.

Underpinning these are:

  • Focus areas: where we aim to continue to improve
  • Areas for advocacy: where we aspire to influence and lead positive change.


The end point for our Sustainability Strategy is 2030, aligned with the timeline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our net-zero interim sector targets. This also reflects the longer-term nature of what we are seeking to achieve. We aim to report against our 2030 Sustainability Strategy from FY24.

Focus Areas

  • Safe, flexible and inclusive products and services
  • Support customers experiencing vulnerability, hardship and disaster
  • Education to build financial resilience


For more information, refer to our resources below:


Areas for Advocacy

  • Removing barriers for women/families
  • Home ownership




For more information on definitions within our Sustainability Strategy, refer to our 2023 Sustainability Index and Datasheet (XLS 10MB)

Creating better futures together

For further details, see our Sustainability Strategy.

Find out more

2023 Sustainability Reporting

Find out how we seek to create economic, social and environmental impact in our Annual Report and Climate Report.

Refer to our Sustainability Reports

Driving action

To guide action towards our strategy we have robust governance frameworks and a series of positions, policies and action plans. We are committed to regular, transparent reporting to enable stakeholders to compare our relative performance over time.

See our Westpac New Zealand website to learn about how we’re helping our customers and communities in New Zealand.

Things you should know

^ Grants and Scholarships for community and social enterprises are provided by the Westpac Foundation and Westpac Scholars Trust. Westpac Foundation is administered by Westpac Community Limited (ABN 34 086 862 795) as trustee for Westpac Community Trust (ABN 53 265 036 982). The Westpac Community Trust is a Public Ancillary Fund, endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Westpac Scholars Trust (ABN 35 600 251 071) is administered by Westpac Scholars Limited (ABN 72 168 847 041) as trustee for the Westpac Scholars Trust. Westpac Scholars Trust is a private charitable trust. None of the Westpac Foundation, Westpac Community Limited, Westpac Community Trust, Westpac Scholars Limited nor Westpac Scholars Trust are part of the Westpac Group. Westpac Group provides administrative support, skilled volunteering and funding for operational costs of Westpac Scholars Trust and the Westpac Foundation, as well as donations to the Westpac Foundation.

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