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It’s about all of us

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate, affecting how we all live and work. Through our 2020 Sustainability Strategy we want to challenge ourselves on ways to create the most meaningful economic, social and environmental impact in the areas that matter most to our stakeholders.

Our strategy is about making decisions today for tomorrow, to navigate change and adapt.

It’s about creating new possibilities to create a brighter future.

It’s about all of us – and together we can make a difference.

It's about all of us

2018-2020 Sustainability Strategy

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Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy is centred around three priority areas

  • Helping people make better financial decisions
  • Helping people by being there when it matters most to them
  • Helping people create a prosperous nation.

Underpinning these priority areas is our commitment to fostering a culture of care and doing the right thing, and continuing to lead on the Sustainability fundamentals – policies, action plans, frameworks and metrics reporting, in particular building on the climate change, human rights and reconciliation action plans developed in 2017.

Helping people by being there when it matters most to them

We understand that life has its tough moments, and vulnerability is something that can affect anyone at any time. We want to be by our customers’ side and help more people as they go through major life events.

Initiatives include:

  • Providing targeted support to help customers recover from financial hardship
  • Making support available to customers experiencing significant life events such as the death of someone close to them, divorce or the birth of a child
  • Providing support to communities impacted by a disaster or by major changes in local economies
  • Supporting business customers through transitions, such as family succession.

Helping people create a prosperous nation

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate, affecting how we all live and work. We want to help more people gain the skills that will be needed in the future, and accelerate how we identify and solve the biggest issues impacting Australia and the world.

Initiatives include:

  • Providing our employees with access to learning opportunities to help build the skills needed for the workforce of the future
  • Investing $50 million by 2020 to back the people and ideas shaping Australia
  • Backing the growth of climate change and housing affordability solutions.

Driving action

To guide action towards our strategy we have robust governance frameworks and a series of positions, policies and action plans. We are committed to regular, transparent reporting to enable stakeholders to compare our relative performance over time.