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Westpac Low Rate card

A low ongoing purchase rate and low annual card fee.

Westpac Low Rate card

★ Up to $400 cashback

Want cashback? Choose this offer.



Annual card fee ongoing

13.74% p.a. Variable purchase rate
$500 Minimum credit limit
Up to 55 days Interest-free on purchases

Cashback offer:

Up to $400 cashback – $100 cashback for each month you spend $1k+ on eligible purchases in the first 4 months from card approval<.

Already with Westpac? Sign in to apply and we’ll waive your first year’s card fee^^.

Note - month is based on your credit card statement period. New cards only. Credit criteria and T&Cs apply.

★ 0% p.a. for 28 months on balance transfers

Want to reduce how much interest you pay? Choose this offer.


$0 First year card fee^^

Annual card fee ongoing

13.74% p.a. Variable purchase rate
$500 Minimum credit limit
Up to 55 days Interest-free on purchases

Balance transfer offer:

0% p.a. for 28 months on balance transfers requested at card application**. 1% balance transfer fee applies. After 28 months the rate reverts to the variable cash advance rate. Plus, $0 card fee for the first year^^.

New cards only, Credit criteria and T&Cs apply.

Westpac Lite card

Our lowest credit card purchase rate, plus no fees on foreign transactions.

Westpac Lite card

Want no fees on your foreign transactions?


$9 Monthly card fee ($108 annually)
9.90% p.a. Variable purchase rate
$500 Minimum credit limit
$4,000 Maximum credit limit
Up to 45 days Interest-free on purchases2

Selected benefits

Zero foreign transaction fees – including for online shopping.

No fees on foreign transactions

Even if you're not travelling, this can save you when you're shopping online with a foreign merchant.

Flex card

A simple, affordable, way to pay with 0% interest, a low credit limit and a monthly fee you can avoid – if you pay your previous month’s balance by the due date.

Westpac Low Annual Fee card

Want 0% interest and a low credit limit?

$10 Monthly fee. No outstanding balance? No fee.
0% Interest rate
$1,000 Maximum credit limit 
Selected benefits

Choose to repay monthly or twice monthly.

Each of our low rate credit cards brings you:

Our lowest interest rates

With our lowest ongoing interest rates for purchases with a credit card, you’re more likely to pay less on interest charges in those months you don’t repay the full amount. 

No card? No problem

On top of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, you can activate and use our Instant Digital Card from the moment your account is opened. No need to wait for a physical card.

Shopping discounts

You don’t need a rewards card to get rewarded. Westpac Extras includes personalised cashback offers sent directly to your email. Simply use your card as normal and we’ll automatically credit your account.

Prefer a Low Fee or Rewards card?

Need help with Credit Cards?

Frequently asked questions

If you’re after a low rate credit card, check these out. The key benefit is a low ongoing interest rate that’s charged on purchases, known as the ‘purchase rate’. Note there’s also a separate ‘cash advance rate’ (e.g. for withdrawing cash from an ATM), which is likely to be higher. Want to know more? Compare Westpac’s Low Rate Cards – Westpac Lite Card or Westpac Low Rate Card.

Things you should know

Credit criteria, fees and charges apply. Switches, upgrades or Westpac group staff are ineligible.

This promotion may be varied or withdrawn at any time and is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.

Be credit savvy: Before applying, consider a realistic credit limit and check all conditions, interest rates, fees and charges on your selected card.

<Low Rate Cashback promotion: the $400 cashback offer is available when you apply and are approved for a new Low Rate credit card between 24th February 2022 and 30th June 2022. $100 cashback will be awarded for every month (statement period) $1,000 or more is spent on eligible purchases for the first 4 statement periods from card approval. Eligible purchases made in one statement period do not contribute to subsequent statement period offer eligibility. Eligible purchases do not include interest, fees, charges, cash or ATM cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, gambling transactions, a purchase from or payment to a local, state or federal government or government related agency, BPAY or similar transactions (such as Post Billpay), refunds and balance transfers debited to the card account. Cashback is only available on one credit card account per customer. $100 cashback will be paid as a statement credit to your Low Rate credit card account within 60 days of meeting the minimum spend criteria. Current Westpac credit card customers or customers who have held a Westpac credit card in the last 12 months are not eligible for this offer.

**Low Rate Balance transfer promotion: This offer is available when you apply for a new Low Rate credit card between 31st August 2021 and 30th June 2022, and request at card application to transfer balance(s) from up to 3 non-Westpac Australian issued credit, charge or store cards. A balance transfer fee of 1% will apply to balance(s) transferred to a new Low Rate credit card. The balance transfer fee will be charged to the card account on the same day the balance(s) are debited to the account. The promotional rate will apply to balance(s) transferred (min $200 up to 80% of your approved available credit limit) for the promotional period. Activating your card triggers the processing of the balance transfer. The applicable variable cash advance rate will apply to any unpaid balance transfer amount remaining at the end of the promotional period unless the amount is paid off earlier. Westpac will not be responsible for any delays that may occur in processing payment to your other card account(s) and will not close the account(s). If your account has an interest free period for purchases, to be entitled to that interest free period, you need to pay off the 'Monthly Payment Balance' listed on your statement of account (not the full closing balance) by the relevant payment due date. These promotional offers are not available if you apply under the Westpac Premier Advantage Package.

^^Low Rate First-Year Card Fee Waiver: is available when you choose the balance transfer offer, or if you are an existing customer and choose the cashback offer. You need to apply and be approved for a new Low Rate credit card between 24th February 2022 and 30th June 2022. After the first year, the $59 card fee will be debited to your account annually on the 12-month anniversary of the first transaction on your card account.

Monthly fee waiver: Flex Card has a flat Monthly Fee. The Monthly Fee is charged to your Flex Card Account each month and once it is charged it forms part of your balance. This Monthly Fee will, subject to the Flex Card Terms and Conditions, be waived if you pay off the Closing Balance shown on your previous statement by the payment due date shown on your statement.

2. Interest free period is available on purchases when you pay the Closing Balance (or the Monthly Payment Balance with a balance transfer) in full by the payment due date.

1 SmartPlan: SmartPlan is currently available for eligible Westpac consumer credit cards. Fees may apply. You need to register for Online Banking before you can set up a SmartPlan. Read the Online Banking terms and conditions (PDF 236KB) available at The establishment fee is charged upfront but is payable in monthly instalments over the term of your Large Purchase SmartPlan. This means that if you cancel your SmartPlan (or don’t make the required SmartPlan repayments) you must still pay the whole establishment fee, including any interest on the establishment fee. Note: To ensure that your credit card balance does not exceed the credit limit, please consider the amount of the establishment fee indicated when you set up a plan. SmartPlan requires cardholders to make regular monthly payments for the full term and at the interest rate that applies when the SmartPlan is created. All payments made to your credit card account will be applied first to any SmartPlan instalments. Therefore, debts accruing a higher interest rate may be left unpaid during the SmartPlan term. Any balance transfer amounts on a SmartPlan must have a remaining term of between 3 and 36 months to be eligible for a SmartPlan. See Credit Card Terms and Conditions (PDF 200KB) for more details. SmartPlan cancellation takes up to 2 business days. When a SmartPlan ends, any remaining balance will revert to the variable annual interest rate for your balance type or special offer rate as applicable. Cardholders keep interest-free days (if applicable) after a balance transfer when you pay your monthly payment (being your SmartPlan repayments plus the minimum monthly repayment on your credit card account) SmartPlan repayment.

Autopay: A fixed dollar or percentage of your monthly credit card statement “closing balance” will be paid. If the “closing balance” is less than your nominated amount, only the “closing balance” will be paid. If your nominated amount falls below the “minimum payment due”, Westpac will debit the “minimum payment due”. Not applicable to Flex Card. For more information on applicable Autopay preferences on Flex Card, refer to the Terms and Conditions (PDF 156KB).

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