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Westpac eSaver 储蓄账户的新客户可在首5个月获享年利率 1.00% p.a.

  • 5个月开户优惠固定年利率 0.95% p.a.
  • 标准浮动年利率 0.05% p.a.

为什么要开设一个Westpac eSaver 储蓄账户?

  • 具有竞争优势的储蓄利率
  • 无月服务费 1
  • 通过相连的  Westpac Choice 日常交易账户, 无限次取用存款
  • 无最低存款额或账户月余额限制
  • 本行的安全保障支持的安全网上银行服务 2
  • Westpac eSaver 储蓄账户的新客户,在开户的首5个月内,可在标准浮动利率的基础上享受开户优惠固定利率。


通过相连的 Westpac Choice 日常交易账户,无限次取用存款





  • 经常转入或转出资金
  • 在网上完成大部分日常银行事务
  • 已持有一个有效的Westpac Choice日常交易账户 1 并想要开始存钱 (若您没有 Westpac Choice 日常交易账户, 我们将会为您开设一个)。
开户优惠浮动总利率 1.00% 年利率
0.95% 年利率
0.05% 年利率


若您是Westpac eSaver储蓄账户的新客户,您将在开户首5个月内,在标准浮动利率的基础上享受开户优惠固定年利率 0.95%。

5个月之后,标准浮动年利率(目前为 0.05% 将会适用于您的Westpac eSaver储蓄账户。

我的Westpac eSaver储蓄账户何时获得利息?



月服务费                      $0
直接扣款 (Direct debit)
直接扣款或支票拒付 $5

通过网上银行服务或自动电话银行服务进行的Westpac eSaver储蓄账户和同名Westpac账户之间的交易,无需支付费用。为了让您方便取用资金,我们建议您将资金转至您的Westpac日常交易账户,然后通过该账户取款或付款。

eSaver储蓄账户不支持定期付款、BPAY®和向他人付款(Pay Anyone)。

Things you should know

Deposit Accounts for Personal & SMSF customers - Terms and Conditions (PDF 1MB)

Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 1MB)

Find out what information you need to provide to become a customer (PDF 768KB)

Westpac Debit Mastercard Terms and Conditions (PDF 298KB)


Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply and may change. 


1. Bonus interest: If you have not had a Westpac eSaver account before, an introductory fixed bonus rate of 0.95% p.a. applies for the first 5 months, on top of the standard variable rate. After 5 months, the standard variable interest rate, currently 0.05% p.a. will apply. Existing or previous eSaver account holders are not eligible for this offer. Joint accounts are eligible where the primary account holder has not held an eSaver account before.   

2. Westpac everyday account: To open a Westpac eSaver account, you must hold a Westpac everyday account. Fees and charges apply on a Westpac everyday account.

3. Fraud guarantee: If your Westpac account is compromised as a result of Internet fraud we guarantee to refund any missing funds, providing you comply with our Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 1MB).

4. Westpac Foreign Transaction Fee: a 3% Westpac Foreign Transaction Fee applies to overseas debit or credit card withdrawals. A 2% cash advance fee applies to credit card withdrawals where the "Credit" option is selected. A list of Global Alliance members is available. It is important to know that the functionality to withdraw money from a linked Westpac account via Credit Card is not available when using overseas ATMs, including Global Alliance ATMs. To ensure access to Savings and or Cheque account funds when overseas please speak to us about obtaining a Debit Mastercard®.

5. Non-Westpac Group branded ATMs: may apply an operator fee by the ATM owner for a balance enquiry or cash withdrawal made, which should be disclosed at the time of the transaction on the ATM screen. This fee is debited on the day (or next business day) of the transaction and is itemised separately on your statement.

6. Debit Mastercard holders need to be at least 14 years of age, and have an Australian residential address to be eligible for the card. If you're not eligible for a Debit Mastercard, apply for a Handycard to access your account. Refer to the Westpac Debit Mastercard® Terms and Conditions (PDF 298KB) for full details of when cardholders may be liable.


World Mastercard®, Mastercard® and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks, and PayPass is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

BPAY® is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.