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Online Banking for Business FAQs

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about doing your business banking online.

General FAQs

With Westpac Online Banking you can:

  • Personalise your accounts to see your banking the way it suits you

  • Select the new tile view for a snapshot of your account balances

  • Easily search your transaction history, making it simple to reconcile invoices and bills

  • Search up to 3 years of transaction history and access 7 years of statements online

  • Get complete control of your business banking and what users of your service can access and do online

  • Set up Westpac Protect™ SMS Code - a free service to securely make payments, change limits and manage your details

  • Do even more business banking on your mobile device - make and approve payments on the go, keep track of your accounts and more.

If you have both personal and business banking, all of your eligible accounts will be available through Westpac Online Banking.

Westpac is required to notify customers of updates to our Online Banking Terms and Conditions. These notifications can now be sent by email.

Additionally, if you choose to receive e-statements or helpful account notifications we will need a valid email address in order to deliver these to you.

For information about closing your account you can:   


More detailed information on closing personal accounts here

Mobile Banking

  • Up to 3 years of searchable transaction history and 7 years of statements and running balance
  • See all of your accounts in one place
  • Easily switch between your personal and business accounts
  • Make domestic payments and send money overseas to existing international payees, transfer funds between your Westpac accounts and pay your bills
  • See who has access to your banking, which accounts they can use, what they can do and how much they can spend
  • Manage your approvals in one place
  • Quick Balance - see the available balance of up to 3 accounts^ without signing in to Mobile Banking - View compatible devices.
  • Sign in using 4 digit passcode or fingerprint logon* on compatible devices.


Westpac Protect™ SMS Code helps protect you by using your mobile phone to confirm certain transactions via text message when you bank online.

This means:

  • Increased security

  • The ability to instantly reset your Westpac Online Banking password online

  • Access to a higher Business Daily Limit and Daily Payment Limit

  • Same day payments (RTGS) 

  • Alerts to unauthorised activity

  • The ability to update your contact details online.

Learn more about Security.

A SecurID® token is a small, portable device that generates a single use digital security code, which you use to securely authorise online transactions.

This means:

  • Increased security

  • The ability to instantly reset your Westpac Online Banking password online

  • Access to an even higher Business Daily Limit and Daily Payment Limit (compared to SMS code as your security device)

  • Same day payments (RTGS) 

  • The ability to update your contact details online.

Learn more about Security.

Business users can now choose Westpac Protect™ SMS Code or SecurID® token. Both devices offer additional security. When choosing a security device, consider which one best suits you and the way that you operate.

Different users in a business can use different security devices. I.e. some users can register for Westpac Protect™ SMS Code, while others can use a SecurID® token.

No, signing out is not automatic. It is important to sign out of Westpac Online Banking once you have finished banking by clicking the ‘Sign out’ button. Simply closing the browser does not end your banking session and can cause an error when you next try to sign in.

For your security, Westpac Online Banking sessions have a time limit of 4 hours. When we are going to sign you out, a message will be displayed informing you that your banking session is about to end. Press the Continue banking button to avoid being signed out.

For added security, if your session is inactive for 10 minutes you will be prompted to re-enter your password to continue.

If your RSA token is about to expire or has expired, or you wish to reassign an active security token, read our simple step by step guide to obtaining a replacement token.

To change your password online, simply go to our Forgot customer ID or password page, provide your 8-digit customer ID and date of birth, then follow the prompts. 

If you have set up a 4-digit PIN and/or fingerprint recognition and are unable to sign in, there may be an issue with the Date & Time settings of your mobile device. For security reasons they have to be Set Automatically rather than manually.

To fix this issue, go into Settings and select Set Automatically (or similar). 

Manage your banking

Yes, you can view your running balances using Online Banking. However the amount in your account after a transaction will not include any uncleared deposits and/or pending withdrawals.

Yes you can. You can search a transaction by description, date or amount. You can also filter your search by credit/debit transactions. By default, 25 transactions will be displayed with the option to display more transactions.

To search your transactions go to Overview > Transaction search

When you don’t want to display certain accounts, Online Banking allows you to hide these accounts from display and reveal them again when you choose.

Hiding and displaying accounts are independent in Online and Mobile Banking, so you can hide accounts on one platform (e.g. in Online Banking) and reveal them in another (e.g. in Mobile Banking).

To hide your accounts go to Services & preferences > Preferences > Accounts & services

There are no establishment or ongoing fees for accessing Online Banking, however fees and charges apply for the processing of some payments.

The below fees will be charged at the time of processing a transaction:

  • Bank cheque: $5.00 per cheque

  • Make Same day (RTGS) payments ($20.00 fee per payment)

  • International Payment charges:

    • To transfer to an overseas account in foreign currency -$10
    • To transfer to an overseas account in Australian Dollars - $20
  • International Payment cancellation fee: $25.00 per returned payment

  • Stop individual unpresented cheques ($12.00 per cheque) or a range of unsigned cheques (fee free).

Each Westpac Account has a separate fee structure, and fees and charges in addition to the above fees may be payable. Please refer to the Account Terms and Conditions for more detail.

To reset your password online, simply go to our Forgot customer ID or password page, provide your 8-digit customer ID and date of birth, then follow the prompts. 

You can notify us you are going overseas via Westpac Online Banking - Personal Banking only. This can be done through mobile or online.

Westpac App:

  1. Sign into the app
  2. Select Services and security from the top left menu
  3. Under Card services, select Notify of overseas travel and follow the prompts.

Online Banking:

  1. Sign into Online Banking
  2. Select Services & preferences from the top menu
  3. Under card services, select Notify going overseas
  4. Select Travel dates and click on calendar icon to put in your dates
  5. Under Countries, type in the country and select on the dropdown menu of the country you've selected (you can add more than one country)
  6. Enter your contact details.

If your business has a tax residency in a country other than Australia, the foreign country and a foreign Tax Identification number (TIN) is to be provided. Up to 5 TINs can be provided. If a TIN cannot be provided a reason must be selected.

For Business Networks:

1. Head to Administration

2. Then select Tax Residency

3. Select Yes or No depending on whether your business has a tax residency in a country other than Australia. If No is selected, then the process is complete. If Yes, follow on to step 4.

4. Select the country your business has Tax Residency.

5. Select whether your business has a Tax Identification Number. If Yes, then enter the TIN in the provided area. If No, enter a reason.

Contact your independent taxation advisor to see whether your business needs to have a Tax Identification Number. More information can be found here on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development website.

Tax residency refers to the country in which a business typically submits an income tax return or may be liable to pay tax. This applies to individuals, entities, and any of their associated parties, for example, beneficial owners and controlling persons of organisations.

A TIN is an identifying number or equivalent (e.g. social security number, personal identification number, national identification number) issued by a country of tax residency that is used for tax purposes. This is the equivalent of a Tax File Number, or an Employer Identification Number / Social.

Westpac is required by law to provide the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) with information of customers who potentially have a foreign tax residency.

Westpac may restrict access to your business networks in Westpac Online Banking, until the required information is provided.

Daily Payment Limits

A User Daily Payment Limit is the cumulative total value of payments any individual user can make in a day, except for some BPAY® payments.

When a user's daily payment limit is set to zero, payments are limited to making transfers between linked accounts, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and some BPAY® billers. If other payments such as Pay Anyone payments are required, the User’s Daily Payment Limit can be changed by an Administrator.

If you’re an administrator and have a registered security device, you can update a User’s Daily Payment limit in Online Banking using a desktop. This feature is not available in the Westpac App.  

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Select Administration, then Payment limits 
  3. Under View limit for, select a user from the drop-down menu
  4. Select Update limit, enter the new limit, then select Save.

Yes. You can temporarily change your Business Daily Payment limit online. Simply follow our help guide on how to change your daily payment limit. When you no longer require that limit, you can revert to your usual daily payment limit by following the same instructions.

Things you should know

*Fingerprint logon is available for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S5, Note 4 users.  Customers will need to register their fingerprint on the mobile device and set it up before accessing Mobile Banking using fingerprint sign in.

SecurID® is a registered trademark of RSA Security LLC.

BPAY® is registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.