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Bali holiday tips

Bali is the holiday destination of choice for thousands of Australians each year. If you’re heading there for the first time, here are some handy tips that can help make your trip a breeze.

Staying in touch is cheap

It’s easier than ever these days to keep in touch with home when you’re away, thanks to mobile devices that keep us connected from practically anywhere. What isn’t so cool though is mobile roaming charges – no one wants to get hit with a super-sized bill when they get back home.

To avoid getting bill shock on your return, buy yourself a Bali SIM card and data packet. They’re super-cheap and are a great way of contacting tour operators or drivers while you’re visiting, as well as friends and family back home.

Check your phone before you leave home

If you’re planning to put your Bali SIM into your Aussie phone, check with your mobile provider before you leave to make sure it isn’t locked to their network. If it is, it’s no big drama – basic smartphones can be purchased cheaply at phone shops while you’re there.

Getting cash at ATMs is easy … but make sure you get your card back

Getting cash out at ATMs is straightforward; however unlike in Australia you’ll get your cash before you get your card back (it’s the other way around at home). Make sure you remember to stick around at the ATM long enough to get your card back before you walk away.

Let your bank know you’re going away

Banks have sophisticated fraud monitoring systems in place that are on the lookout for suspicious activity on accounts and cards 24/7. So t’s important to let them know where you’re going – that way they’ll know why transactions from another country might start appearing on your account, but they’ll still be able to keep an eye out for anything potentially dodgy.


Wear a helmet!

Like Australia, you're required by law to wear a helmet when traveling by motorbike. Traffic can be chaotic and accidents do happen. And before even getting on a bike, read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for your travel insurance policy closely to make sure you’re covered. If you’re not, you’re running the risk that being in an accident could be both dangerous and expensive.

Mind the monkeys

Monkeys are all over the place in Bali, particularly at temples and similar sites. Cute – yes, crazy – definitely. They’re also adept thieves who are experts at stealing cameras, sunglasses and the like. Keep anything you don’t want stolen attached to you.

Rabies can also be a problem. Although rare, there have been a few reported cases in Bali. To keep on the safe-side, steer clear of making contact with dogs, cats and monkeys. If you are bitten, make sure you get immediate medical attention.

Try to avoid the dreaded Bali Belly

Unfortunately for many visitors to Bali, traveller’s diarrhoea (known locally as Bali Belly) is something they end up having to deal with. While there are no guarantees you can avoid it, there are precautions you can take to lower your risk. These include sticking to bottled water (including for brushing your teeth), avoiding high-risk foods and being super-vigilant with hygiene.

Make sure your travel insurance covers you

And finally – as always – make sure you’ve got travel insurance cover for your trip to Bali. A handy hint: the sooner you buy this the better – because then you should be covered if your holiday is cancelled or postponed.

Make sure you review the terms of your policy and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully to make sure you’re covered for everything you need.

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