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Frequently asked questions for customers on Wonder

Wonder is available via Westpac Live (your online banking) on desktop, tablet or mobile.

All Westpac online personal banking customers can access Wonder via Westpac Live effective from 5 March 2016.  Wonder is not available to customers who are not registered as Westpac online banking customers.

Images are sourced from our third party partner, CoreLogic who receive them from real-estate agents from across the country when a property is listed and sold. Images of a customer's property are only made available to that customer via our secure internet banking platform.

Yes, you can opt not to show Wonder via your online banking settings. It is important to note that only you will see this information when you log into Westpac online banking, or open the online banking app on your mobile phone. The information you see in Wonder or online banking is not available to anyone else.

The estimated valuations are provided by our third party partner CoreLogic.

Westpac receives updates from CoreLogic with property valuations on a monthly basis; however, it may take up to six weeks for your valuation to be refreshed in Wonder.

For your existing Westpac properties:

  • If a CoreLogic range is unavailable, and an existing valuation exists that is less than four years old, Wonder will display the existing valuation.
  • If neither CoreLogic nor an existing valuation exists, no property value will be displayed
  • Note: you cannot edit the Westpac property values displayed.

For your non-Westpac properties that you add to your profile:

  • The CoreLogic estimate is provided but you can elect to change this at any time. If no CoreLogic estimate is available, then no estimate is provided.

    If you are looking for a more accurate valuation, it is recommended that you source a private valuation.
  • Easy access to current market data on the property/suburb you are interested in purchasing a property in
  • Easy access to information on potential rental properties such as expected rental yield
  • Having the confidence that comes from knowing how much you can afford to spend on an investment property (based on your financial situation)
  • If you have several investment properties with Westpac you will be able to see how much equity from those properties you can access to contribute toward an additional investment property.

Wonder makes it easy to understand how much you can afford to pay to purchase a new property, taking into account your current property's worth (what you may get for it if you sold it) and your current financial position.  Wonder can help you see whether you can afford to buy without selling, or whether you should sell before you buy.

Wonder is designed to cater for both individual and joint borrowers. A joint Wonder profile can be updated by any borrower on behalf of the other borrower (with the second borrower to confirm/update as applicable).  Both borrowers must consent before Westpac can provide approval in principle. Strict privacy is always maintained where accounts are not held jointly together.

By letting us know if you are a first home buyer through Wonder, a lender can provide you with useful information about what is available for you as a first home buyer.

Yes. You can include and update the information in your Wonder profile for non-Westpac accounts and loans. Once the financial details have been entered, they will remain in your profile as long as you choose to keep the information.  Based on the information provided on Wonder, you may be eligible to apply for a new loan online. 

Information shown in Wonder is sourced from existing information we have on you as a Westpac customer as well as any additional information that you provide to us in Wonder.  This includes information from previous applications and from products and accounts that you hold with us.

Wonder is only available to Westpac online banking customers, which is a secure authenticated environment.

No, the information displayed in Wonder is information we already have about you and your accounts with Westpac, combined with the property images and valuations from Core Logic, which Westpac use for valuations, Westpac is simply providing information that we would provide to customers when they talk to us about a new home loan or home loan increase.

Yes, your estimated available equity and buying budget is calculated using the value of your existing properties. If this information is not accurate, then your equity and buying budget will also be incorrect.

  • Your maximum purchase price shows you the estimated maximum amount you can spend on a new property. This information is based on your assets, finances and other information we know, or that you provide to us through Wonder.  This purchase price takes into consideration estimated buying costs, your contribution and borrowing limit.
  • If a purchase price is not available to you, you can enter a purchase price to indicate how much you would like to spend on a new property.  You can also reduce your maximum purchase price to tailor it to your chosen property or suburb.
  • Your buying budget is tailored based on the information you provide in the sections of Wonder covering Loan Details, Your Property, Property Price, and Your Allocation. Your buying budget helps to break down your chosen purchase price into the loan amount you will need, your upfront allocation of cash and/or equity, as well as any associated costs with purchasing a property.

Westpac's vision is to be one of the world's great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow. Through Wonder, we're providing you with a personalised service based on what we know about you, coupled with additional information you may want.  Whether you're at the start of your home buying journey or an experienced investor, Wonder provides you with information to help you make decisions about your future.

The Wonder tile can be customised to display the estimated value, equity, main property image and address of the property you own.

The Wonder tile itself cannot be removed entirely, but you can choose to activate or customise the information you wish to display.