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Frequently asked questions for customers on Wonder

Where can I access Wonder?
Who can access and use wonder?
Where are the property images on Wonder sourced from?
If I do not want to have my property picture and value showing in my online banking, can I get it removed?
Where is the data sourced from for my estimated property value?
Why is my property's estimated value inaccurate?
What are the benefits of using Wonder as a property investor?
What are the benefits of using the platform as an upgrader?
How does Wonder work if the home loan is in two different names?
Why do you need to know if I'm a first home buyer?
If I have a bank account with Westpac, and my mortgage or other transaction accounts are with various other financial institution(s), can I still use Wonder for a new loan?
Where do you get my information from?
How secure is the information within Wonder?
Does Westpac need permission to use property images and personal information?
If the information about my property/ies is out of date or incorrect, will the other information such as estimated available equity and buying budget also be incorrect?
What is my purchase price and buying budget? and how are they calculated?
Why are you showing me pictures of my property, valuation and equity?
Am I able to customise the property information on the Wonder tile on the iPhone mobile app?
Can I remove the Wonder tile so it does not display at all?