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5 handy ways to manage your money on the go

Image of an account holder using cardless cash to withdraw money.

It’s not that long ago that being able to withdraw money and check your balance using any ATM was considered pretty cool. And doing your banking on a PC was the last word in convenience and security. How things have changed. Nowadays, making cash withdrawals, managing without cash altogether, and staying on top of your finances is easier than ever. Here's our guide to some time-saving ways you can now bank.

What we'll cover

  • Getting cash out without a card
  • Paying by card without a card
  • A new way to pay and get paid online
  • Paying with a smart phone or watch
  • Locking a lost card
  • Checking balances without signing in.


1. Get cash out of ATMs without a debit card 

Many of us now leave home with little more than a phone and a set of keys. But what if you need cash unexpectedly? That's where cardless cash comes in. It's just one of the many ways Westpac has made it simple to manage your money on the go. 


With a Westpac everyday bank account such as a Choice account, and the Westpac App on your mobile, you can leave your debit card at home. Cardless cash lets you withdraw cash without using a card from Westpac Group ATMs – which include Westpac, St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne ATMs – and from Precinct ATMs. And it all starts with a cash code.

What’s a cash code? It's a secure code that's generated by your banking app when you want to take cash out from an ATM without using a card. You can even SMS the code to others to use (such as children or friends caught short), if you want them to withdraw cash from your account. Here's how it works:

  1. In the Westpac App, search Cardless Cash

  2. Tap the Account to use and choose the amount

  3. Tap Get Code

  4. Choose the cardless cash option at the ATM and enter the code when prompted.

The code lasts for three hours and you can make up to three cardless cash withdrawals a day (though total amounts are restricted1). And even if you've locked your card temporarily (see later), you can still use cardless cash to withdraw money from a smart ATM.

When you first set up the cardless cash feature you'll need to go through secure code SMS authentication.


2. Make cardless card payments with Digital Card

Digital Card – as the name suggests – is a digital version of your debit or credit card, which is accessed in the Westpac App. You can use it just like your physical card to shop online, pay bills, make in-app purchases, and set up your recurring card payments. And you can add it to your digital wallet (see later) to shop in store and in restaurants and cafés.


For added security, your CVC (the three numbers on the back of your physical card) refreshes every 24 hours for the digital version. A recent study has shown that Dynamic CVC reduces the risk of fraudulent digital card activity by 80%.

3. Transfer money using PayID

PayID is a secure and convenient way to pay someone for tickets they’ve bought for you, contribute to a present, or send money to friends or relatives – or receive money from them.


Through Online Banking or the Westpac App, you register your unique mobile number as a 'PayID' and link it to your eligible personal transaction account. Then, when you want to be paid, you just provide your mobile number, rather than your BSB and account number.


The payer chooses 'PayID' as the payment method in their online banking and when they enter the number, they get a reassuring confirmation it's definitely you they're paying.


PayID is a simple way to pay and get paid and avoids having to share your bank account details.

4. Pay by card using your digital wallet

Depending on your type of smartphone or smart wearable, you can link eligible debit cards and credit cards to your digital wallet – then simply tap the device on EFTPOS machines and other card readers to make payments.


These mobile payments are as secure as card payments, and are protected by our Fraud Money Back Guarantee.

Lock a lost card while you search for it

If you lose or misplace your card, you can lock it in seconds while you look for it, thanks to the ‘Lock card temporarily’ feature in Online Banking and the Westpac App3. It'll unlock automatically after 15 days, unless you choose to unlock it earlier.


If you don’t find your card within 15 days, report it lost or stolen and a replacement card will be sent to you. You can still withdraw cash securely while all this is happening, using the ‘Get Cash’ option at Westpac ATMs.


Don't have Online Banking or the Westpac App? Then call 1300 651 089 (or +61 9155 7700 from overseas) 24/7 if you lose a card4

Check balances and make transfers without signing in

Need to know your account balance in a hurry? With Quick Balance on the Westpac App you can find out how much you’ve got in up to three eligible bank accounts without needing to sign in first. Just set up Quick View to see your balances each time you open the app.


And if you want to view recent transactions, simply tap on the balance and sign in to view recent activity.


Then with Quick Transfer, you can swiftly and easily move money between your accounts without signing in. Just tap and hold to move money between your Quick Balance accounts.

To sum up

Westpac Online Banking and the Westpac App are constantly evolving to provide digitally savvy ways to help you manage your money on the go. We're committed to making banking simple, easy, secure and convenient – wherever you are.

Things you should know

This information is general in nature and has been prepared without taking your objectives, needs and overall financial situation into account. For this reason, you should consider the appropriateness for the information to your own circumstances and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.