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A first step towards good money habits

For every young person, opening a bank account is an exciting first step towards financial independence. We’re making sure that journey is a safe one, while giving parents the opportunity to provide support and guidance along the way.

Set up a safety net for under 14s

Balance their banking independence with your peace of mind by setting up third-party access in branch for:

Account access

Access your child’s account to monitor their transactions, receive parental Push Notifications, and more.

Transaction controls

Every under 14s Westpac Choice Youth transaction account has a block limiting transactions to $50 per day.

Card management

Temporarily lock or unlock your child's card anytime, or report it lost or stolen to order a replacement card.

Payment restrictions

To keep your child safe online, they'll be restricted from making international payments or payments via BPAY®.

What happens when my child turns 14?

Once a child is 14, they'll have more control over their account and can make decisions independently. They can decide if they want a parent or guardian to be a signatory, have third-party value access to their account or continue to receive parental notifications. They can also change Daily Payment Limits and make BPAY and international payments.

How to set up Push Notifications or change Daily Payment Limits on your child’s account

For parents or guardians with third-party access to their child’s account.

Push Notifications

Get in-app notifications about your child’s account activity:

Under 14s

All debit and credit notifications.

Over 14s

Includes transactions, changes to Daily Payment Limits and removal of third-party access.

  • Earn a variable rate tiered

Daily Payment Limits

Limit is set at $50 per day for under 14s:

Under 14s

Can only be changed at a branch or via Telephone Banking.

Over 14s

Child can adjust their limit online. Third-party will receive notification of Daily Payment Limit change.


Breakdown of safety features by account

Give them a head start with a simple-to-use transaction account with no monthly fees and a debit card.

Westpac Choice Youth keeps them safe with:

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring and our Fraud Money Back Guarantee
  • Block on gambling transactions for U18s 
  • Parental notifications of account activity for U14s (optional for over 14s)
  • Daily Payment Limit set at $50 for U14s
  • Third party with value access can lock/unlock child’s card or report it lost or stolen

Don’t have an everyday account yet?

Is your child under 18? They could get $50 on us

With a Westpac Choice Youth everyday account and a Bump savings account

Open at least one new account, so they have one of each, then deposit $100 into their Bump savings account within 30 days of opening their new account(s), and we'll give them $50.

T&Cs apply.

How we keep your child  and their money safe

Staying safe online

With 24/7 fraud monitoring of their account(s) and our Fraud Money Back Guarantee, we’ll repay any money missing due to fraud, as long as they’ve met our terms and conditions. How we protect your child

Protecting your child’s money

Deposits to Westpac everyday and savings accounts are guaranteed by the Australian Government up to a total of $250,000 under the Financial Claims Scheme. Find out how

Child safe culture

Child-safe practices are front and centre at Westpac as we're committed to growing our understanding of risks to children and young people who access our banking products and services. Learn more (PDF 484KB)

Gambling block

A gambling block is automatically set up on all debit cardholders under 18 years of age, so no transactions to merchants with the category Betting/Casino/Gambling are allowed. Block will switch off after the cardholder turns 18. Find out more

Financial Literacy for Kids & Teens

We're here to help teach kids and teens how to better manage their money.

Find out more

Frequently asked questions

A signatory is someone, such as parent, grandparent, or guardian, who can operate an account in branch. If the account holder is under 14, they are required to have a signatory on their account.

A third party is someone who has been granted access to an account in Online Banking. This person can see the account in their own Online Banking and depending on their permission level can either view the account only, or view and transact with the account. A third party may or may not be the same person as a signatory.

Access can be set up when an account is opened, or it can be added in branch.

Help for parents

Good money habits start at home. We give you the know-how to help you help your kids:

Things you should know

Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions and consider whether the product or service is right for you. Fees and charges apply and may change.


For more information about each bank account and the specific product disclosures, please go to Westpac Choice Youth  or Westpac Bump savings.

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