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Practice makes perfect

A faster way to learn about spending is to do it and start early. Kids as young as 8 can now get a debit card to begin learning and practising good money habits safely and securely.

Kid-friendly features

Parents and guardians don’t need to worry, with features you can set up together in Online Banking via the Westpac App:

Weekly spend limit

Don’t spend it all at once. Change the limit as they get more experience with using their card for purchases. 

Card lock and unlock

Lost, stolen or just don’t know where they’ve put their card? Lock it until you find it or order a new replacement card.

Kid rated shopping

Keeps them safe when they’re out and about or shopping online. No accidental spending at adult-only sites or retailers.

Parental notifications

In-app Push notifications are sent to parents or guardians so they can support and guide children with their spending.

Is your child under 18? They could get $30 on us

With a Westpac Choice Youth everyday account and a Bump savings account

Open at least one new account, so they have one of each, then deposit $100 into their Bump savings account within 30 days of opening their new account(s), and we'll give them $30.

T&Cs apply.

What type of account will they need?

They’ll need a Westpac Choice Youth everyday account to get a Debit Mastercard, but you might also like a savings account for them, keeping spending and savings separate. 

Can I open the account online?

Under 14 years old

A parent or guardian can open a Westpac Choice Youth account online by opening a Westpac Bump savings account at the same time.


Already have a savings account?

To open a Westpac Choice Youth account only, open the account at a Westpac branch.

14 years and over

Open a Westpac Choice Youth account online without a branch visit or assistance from a parent or guardian.


Need a savings account?

Open a Westpac Bump savings account at the same time as you open your Westpac Choice Youth account. Open both accounts now online

How do I order a Debit Card?

Once you’ve opened a Westpac Choice Youth account, you can order a Debit Mastercard if the account holder is at least 8 years old. Here’s how:

1. Register for Online Banking

Parents or guardians of children under 14 years old can get Online Banking access to the account. Register now

2. Download the Westpac App

Check balances, keep track of spending, and make any changes to the account settings using a mobile phone. Get the Westpac App

3.  Order a new Debit Card

For those under 14, parents or guardians with Online Banking access can do this on their behalf.

In the Westpac App

1 Find the child’s Westpac Choice Youth account

2. Select Family Hub

3. Order Debit Mastercard.

Fees & Rates

Westpac Bump savings account $0
Westpac Choice bank account $0 (Account-Keeping Fee waived for under 30s)

Other fees and charges may apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions (PDF 621KB)

Money tips and tricks

Manage your child's pocket money the simple way

Pocket money linked to chores works best when it's regular and consistent. In the Westpac App, you can set up, amend, put on hold, and track Pocket Money payments to your child's bank account. 

Financial literacy for kids and teens

We're here to help teach kids and teens how to better manage their money with simple lessons, tips and tricks to help them build good money habits to get ahead and stay ahead

Help for parents

Good money habits start at home. We give you the know-how to help you help your kids:

Frequently asked questions

  • If a child is under 14, we’ll require a parent or guardian to open and manage the account. The parent or guardian will be set up as a signatory, meaning they can act on behalf of the child in branch and within Online Banking.

  • If a child is 14 years or older, parental access is optional. If they would like a parent or guardian to have access to their accounts, please visit one of our branches, and we can help with the following:

            o   Signatory access: Branch and online access to account

            o   Third-party access: visibility of account online

Things you should know

Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions and consider whether the product or service is right for you. Fees and charges apply and may change.


For more information about each bank account and the specific product disclosures, please go to Westpac Choice Youth  or Westpac Bump savings.

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