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Ways to earn money

Earning money takes a bit of effort, but it also can be rewarding and fun. You can use your skills or interests to help others or get creative and make items to sell. Here is some inspiration to help you get started!

Tutor younger kids

Do you have a favourite subject in school like English, maths or history? Or a special skill like playing an instrument? You can share these skills by helping other children who would benefit from extra tutoring. This could include reading to younger children or going through homework and answering questions.


Once you’ve spoken with your parents or caregivers, ask a teacher for advice on how to start helping other children.

Do gardening work

Grass, gardens and plants require ongoing attention, and people often need extra hands to help tend to them. You can offer to water plants, rake leaves or pot and plant for your neighbours or family.


Speak with your parents or caregivers to determine a rate to charge and then make a flyer that lists out what you can do. And always remember that your parents or caregiver should also speak to potential ‘customers’ for you, just to be sure that everyone knows that what you are doing is safe.

Have a bake sale

If you enjoy making cookies or cakes, selling baked goods is a fun and tasty way to earn extra money. You can ask your parents or caregivers about setting up a stand outside your home, or if there are events or places you can sell to friends and family.


You can also consider donating some of the money you make to a charity you care about, like an animal shelter or food bank. This gives customers even more reason to buy your treats, while allowing you to help others.

Sell unwanted items from around the house

There always seem to be old clothes, books and games hiding in drawers and cupboards around the house – so why not speak to your family about doing a tidy up and selling any unwanted items at a yard or garage sale?


You can also sell items online on a trusted marketplace. You need to speak to your parents or caregivers about which sites to use. They will also need to speak to buyers and arrange collections on your behalf.

Collect mail or water plants for neighbours

Mail piles up and plants wither if these things aren’t tended to. With the guidance of your parents or caregivers, you can offer to help neighbours, family or friends to mind their homes when they are away.


You will need to agree on a schedule of how often and when you will go to their home that works around your school or other activities, as well as a list of tasks you will do and the rate you will charge per visit.

Help with pets

Another thing people often need help with when they go away is looking after their pets, such as fish that need feeding, or a cat to cuddle, feed and change the litter for.


Just like any other house tasks, you will need clear instructions on how often and when to go, and you will need to make sure the schedule fits around your school and activities. You will also need to make sure that your parents are OK with you doing this.

You also need to know details about the animal, including:

  • How much food to give

  • How much water to give

  • How to and when to clean their living space and litter if needed

  • Any strange behaviour you need to look for (coughing, crying, not responding to their name, not eating their food)

  • What to do if you think something is wrong, including how the owner can be reached and a number for a vet if there is an emergency – your parents or caregivers should have this information too, so that they can help you as well.

Some pet owners need help with tasks like walking their dogs, even when they aren’t away.

You will need to make sure you have somewhere safe to go for a walk, along with instructions on what to do if something goes wrong.

The RSPCA has many resources on how to care for animals, including a blog with tips on how to care for different pets.

Make crafts to sell

You can turn a hobby into earnings by making something to sell. Examples include: beaded bracelets, greeting cards, drawings or paintings, or crochet or knitted toys.


It’s useful to focus on something you already enjoy or want to do, and make it simple and easy to repeat.


You can ask your parents or caregivers to help you find local craft fairs or markets, or to sell online. Once again, when selling online you must use a trusted website and your parents or caregivers must deal with the customers.

Clean cars

If you have access to a hose and a driveway, you can spend a day on your weekend washing or vacuuming cars. Speak to your parents or caregivers about the right materials to use, including appropriate brushes, sponges, cloths and soap.


To attract customers, make a big CAR WASH sign or decorate your garden with balloons.

Get your first part-time job

When you feel that you’re ready and you have time after school and other commitments, you can consider getting a part-time job. There are limits on the hours you can work until you turn 15.


Remember, you always need to speak with your parents or caregivers about money and how you earn and spend it. This includes selling things in person or online, helping others and making purchases.

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Things you should know
This information is general in nature and has been prepared without taking your objectives, needs and overall financial situation into account. For this reason, you should consider the appropriateness for the information to your own circumstances and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.