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G’day and welcome to Australia 

It’s great that you’re thinking about moving to Australia. You’re on the verge of discovering our beautiful country, unique Australian culture, and legendary lifestyle. Here are some tips for preparing, working, banking, and settling in.

Before moving to Australia

Australian visa

  • Specific visas are required if you plan to live and work in Australia
  • You can find information on what (if any) visa is required by visiting the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website:


Organise your financial affairs

Before you move, it is a good idea to:

  • Ask your bank(s) how to manage your accounts while you are overseas
  • Cancel direct payments for existing services such as gas, electricity and phone. Reviewing previous card and bank statements is a good way to identify such transactions.

Identification documents

  • Ensure you have a valid passport, and the expiry date aligns to any visa requirements
  • A birth certificate, driver’s licence and passport may help if you’re required by an employer or bank to identify yourself


Banking in Australia

Common Australian banking terms

  • In Australia, our day-to-day bank accounts are called ‘everyday’ or ‘transaction’ accounts
  • Savings accounts generally allow you to earn interest on your balance each month
  • Term deposits are a type of savings account that offer a fixed interest rate on amounts set aside for a fixed length of time
  • ‘ATMs’ are used to withdraw or deposit cash
  • If you need to speak to a banker in person, you can visit a branch


Setting up a bank account(s)

  • You will need to be in Australia to open an Australian bank account with Westpac
  • We are required to check identification documents for new customers, before you will be given access to your account
  • Find out more about Westpac’s everyday bank account


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Transferring your funds to Australia

  • If you would like to transfer funds to or from Australia, we can help with secure international transfers at current exchange rates
  • You will need to have opened an Australian bank account to receive your funds


Setting up your Australian services

Australian taxation

  • Most Australian employers will require you to have a tax file number (TFN)
  • A TFN is a unique 9-digit identifier issued by the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • You can apply for a TFN through the ATO website
  • The way you pay tax in Australia will vary according to your ‘tax residency’ status


  • Medicare is Australia’s public healthcare system
  • If you’re a permanent visa holder, you’ll be eligible for cover
  • A Medicare card gives you access to subsidised treatment and some medications
  • If you’re ineligible due to your chosen tax status, you may wish to consider private health insurance
  • You could also ask your current health insurance provider if they can support you in Australia


Information on retirement funds

  • Superannuation (‘Super’) is the system used in Australia to save and grow money for retirement
  • Your employer must make payments into a Super fund on your behalf
  • You can choose the fund offered by your employer, or research and choose your own fund
  • You’ll be able to access the money when you retire or if you choose to leave Australia, depending on your residency status


Finding a home, utilities, and transport

Choose where to live in Australia

  • There are many living options in Australia ranging from a unit to a house with a yard
  • Do plenty of research, factoring in lifestyle, transport, schools and budget
  • If you are renting, you will need to show you have sufficient funds and income


Set up your utilities

  • Once you have found a home, you will want to set up its services
  • Comparison sites are available to help with your decision making for electricity and gas, broadband and mobile phone providers

Getting around in Australia

  • Transport options in Australia include trains, buses, taxis, ride share, light rail, and airline routes across the country
  • If choosing to drive, you will need to know our road rules and may need to transfer your licence 


Working, studying or setting up a business​

Finding and starting work

  • Whether you’re visiting for short- or long-term work, or here to start a business, Australia’s vibrant and varied economy can offer a multitude of job opportunities
  • There are job search and professional networking sites available to help you find work


Studying at school or university

  • Australia offers a wide range of options for pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • We have both public and private schools including schools linked to a wide variety of faiths
  • Our universities are world class, with degrees recognised across global industry and commerce


Starting a business in Australia

  • Australia warmly welcomes immigrants who want to start a business here
  • You can start a business in Australia even if you don’t have Australian citizenship
  • Make sure you read the rules and requirements for Australian business owners


Things you should know
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