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We’re contacting all small business merchant customers who we think, based on their current usage, will benefit from activating Merchant Choice Routing (MCR) on their EFTPOS terminals. In the meantime, to find out more about MCR or to activate it on your terminals right now, please call us on 1800 029 749 or speak to your Relationship Manager.

What is Merchant Choice Routing (MCR)?

For merchant customers who are not on a pricing plan, you can choose to activate Merchant Choice Routing on your EFTPOS terminals. It sends contactless debit card transactions through the eftpos network – rather than through the Visa or Mastercard® networks – which has the potential to reduce the amount you pay as a merchant for each tap and go transaction.

What debit cards does MCR apply to?

MCR applies to Multi-Network Debit Cards, which have both Visa and eftpos or Mastercard and eftpos logos. The chip on the card gives it the capability to be routed via either scheme’s network.

How can Merchant Choice Routing help lower my operating costs?

MCR gives you a choice. Directing contactless debit card transactions through the eftpos debit scheme network can attract lower fees – thereby reducing your overall costs. However, please note that this depends on how your fees are currently structured and priced for different types of transactions.


Mastercard and Visa routing
eftpos routing
When contactless Multi-Network Debit Card transactions are routed through the Visa or Mastercard networks, Credit Card Merchant Service Fees - and any other fees specific to Visa or Mastercard acceptance - will automatically apply.
When contactless Multi-Network Debit Card transactions are routed through the Australian eftpos Network, Debit Card Transaction Fees will automatically apply instead of Visa or Mastercard Credit Card Merchant Service Fees.

I have multiple EFTPOS terminals. Can you activate Merchant Choice Routing on just one or a specific EFTPOS terminal?

No. Merchant Choice Routing is set at a merchant (MID) level, so MCR activation will apply to all the EFTPOS terminals (with MCR capability) linked to the MID.

How do I activate my MCR for my EFTPOS terminals?

We will activate MCR for our small business customers who we think will benefit from the change, from December 2020 (unless they tell us not to). If you want to activate MCR now, please call us on 1800 029 749 or speak to your Relationship Manager.



Things you should know

1. Merchant Choice Routing is not available on Westpac Merchant Pricing Plans.  If you would like to enable this feature, a Westpac pricing review will be initiated. Westpac cannot guarantee merchant fee cost savings after Merchant Choice Routing activation or deactivation. In some cases, eftpos (Debit Card Transaction Fees) will be cheaper for merchants; in others Visa or Mastercard will be cheaper. It will depend primarily on the merchant’s charging scheme and the dollar value of each transaction.

Note: Merchant Choice Routing is available from September 2020 for contactless debit card transactions under $1,000 . Contactless debit card transactions over $1,000, will automatically route through the Visa or Mastercard network.

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