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1. Who uses BPAY?
2. What are the benefits of offering BPAY as a payment method to my customers?
3. Am I required to promote BPAY as a payment option and what promotional material is available for me?
4. How does BPAY work?
5. Is BPAY safe for my customers?
6. Can BPAY assist in achieving environmental savings?
7. What type of information is passed through the BPAY system?
8. What is BPAY View?

Setting up BPAY

9. How much does BPAY cost?
10. What is the difference between a payment made from a Cheque or Savings Account, and a payment made from a Credit Card Account?
11. Do I have to offer all payment methods if I offer BPAY to my customers?
12. What is the Customer Reference Number (CRN) and how does it work?
13. How do I generate Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs)?
14. Can I have alpha characters in my Customer Reference Number (CRN)?
15. What is a Check Digit?
16. What is a Check Digit Routine?
17. What is the difference between a Biller Long Name and a Biller Short Name?
18. Am I required to include the BPAY logo on electronic bills as well as paper ones?
19. When will I know what my Biller Code and Live Date is?
20. Do I need to do a test payment before I issue invoices to my customers? How do I know what the BPAY payments I receive will look like on my statement?

Receiving payments

21. How do I tell my customers to pay me using BPAY?
22. How long will it take for me to receive a BPAY payment?
23. How will I know who is paying me?
24. What if I receive a payment from a customer and can’t match it against my CRNs? Can I contact Westpac to request more information?
25. My customer has made an incorrect BPAY payment – how do they stop it?
26. My customer has paid me $100.00 instead of $1000.00 – what should they do?
27. My customer has paid me $2000.00 instead of $200.00 – what should they do?
28. What if my customer pays the wrong Biller Code or uses the wrong Customer Reference Number?

Growing your business

29. My customer base is growing – how can I generate more CRNs?
30. How do I know which Check Digit Routine I am using?
31. I have redesigned my invoices – what do I need to do?
32. The maximum payment amount is too small for the services I am providing and the invoices that I am issuing. How do I increase the maximum payment limit??
33. Who do I call if I have more questions about BPAY?
34. I want to change my Check Digit Routine. What do I need to do?
35. I want to be able to accept (for example) CRNs of 8 and 9 digits in length instead of just 8. What do I need to do?