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Class of Notes A
ISIN AU0000WSZHA9 AU3FN0023537 AU3FN0023545
Bal. at Issue (par) (million) AUD 2,300 AUD 85 AUD 115
Coupon + Margin (bp) 1M BBSW  + 78bps Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Original Rating S&P AAA(sf) AAA(sf) Not rated
Original Moodys Rating Aaa(sf) Aa1(sf) Not rated
Current S&P Rating No change No change No change
Current Moody's Rating No change Aaa(sf)
No change
Issue Date 05 June 2014
Maturity Date Payment date falling in July 2045
Reuters Page Ref WST/SEC45 and WST/SEC46
Bloomberg Page Ref WST{Mtgs} go
Investor reports

July 2014 (PDF 20KB)

August 2014 (PDF 19KB)

September 2014 (PDF 8KB)

October 2014 (PDF 19KB)

November 2014 (PDF 19KB)

December 2014 (PDF 19KB)

January 2015 (PDF 19KB)

February 2015 (PDF 19KB)

March 2015 (PDF 19KB)

April 2015 (PDF 19KB)

May 2015 (PDF 19KB)

June 2015 (PDF 19KB)

July 2015 (PDF 19KB)

August 2015 (PDF 19KB)

September 2015 (PDF 19KB)

October 2015 (PDF 19KB)

November 2015 (PDF 19KB)

December 2015 (PDF 19KB)

January 2016 (PDF 19KB)

February 2016 (PDF 19KB)

March 2016 (PDF 19KB)

April 2016 (PDF 19KB)

May 2016 (PDF 19KB)

June 2016 (PDF 19KB)

July 2016 (PDF 19KB)

August 2016 (PDF 19KB)

September 2016 (PDF 19KB)

October 2016 (PDF 19KB)

November 2016 (PDF 19KB)

December 2016 (PDF 19KB)

January 2017 (PDF 19KB)

February 2017 (PDF 23KB)

March 2017 (PDF 23KB)

April 2017 (PDF 24KB)

May 2017 (PDF 24KB)

June 2017 (PDF 24KB)

July 2017 (PDF 24KB)

August 2017 (PDF 19KB)

September 2017 (PDF 20KB)

October 2017 (PDF 20KB)

November 2017 (PDF 24KB)

December 2017 (PDF 24KB)

January 2018 (PDF 20KB)

February 2018 (PDF 20KB)

March 2018 (PDF 24KB)

April 2018 (PDF 24KB)

May 2018 (PDF 24KB)

June 2018 (PDF 24KB)

July 2018 (PDF 24KB)

August 2018 (PDF 21KB)

September 2018 (PDF 24KB)

October 2018 (PDF 24KB)

November 2018 (PDF 24KB)

December 2018 (PDF 24KB)

January 2019 (PDF 20KB)

February 2019 (PDF 20KB)

March 2019 (PDF 20KB)

April 2019 (PDF 20KB)

May 2019 (PDF 27KB)

June 2019 (PDF 27KB)

July 2019 (PDF 20KB)

August 2019 (PDF 20KB)

September 2019 (PDF 20KB)

October 2019 (PDF 20KB)

November 2019 (PDF 21KB)

December 2019 (PDF 20KB)

January 2020 (PDF 20KB)

February 2020 (PDF 20KB)

March 2020  (PDF 26KB)

Collateral report Collateral Pool Information - Series 2014-1 WST Trust (PDF 304KB)
Transaction documents Information Memorandum 2014-1 WST Trust (PDF 473KB)