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About how we can help you

My team of specialists and personal bankers, and myself, are dedicated to helping with all your banking, business and financial needs.

Allistair Gardiner Thomson

Bank Manager

  • I'm a dad of three
  • I'm putting customers first
  • I have worked at Westpac for 8 years
  • I have 15 years experience in business

About your business

There's nothing like local knowledge to help gain a winning edge. As your local business banking expert, contact me for advice with managing and growing your business.

Anthony Jurd

Local Business Banker

About your home

It's always comforting to have good local insight before purchasing a property. I can help with any mortgage or property related advice.

Estelle Whitby

Home Finance Manager

  • I'm easy to approach
  • I'm great with people
  • I have worked at Westpac for 10 years
  • I have 15 years experience in the financial services industry
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