Corporate Online Banking

About Corporate Online

Westpac Corporate Online is an internet-based electronic platform, providing a single point of entry to a suite of online transactional services specifically designed for major Australian, New Zealand and international corporations and government bodies.

Updated 22 January 2015

The future of transactional banking

Westpac is the established Australian leader in online banking and cash management, on the basis of our past, present and future delivery of electronic capabilities. Our electronic solutions have proven their value to consumers and businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Corporate Online continues that tradition, delivering business-critical services online, to give you the following benefits in your transactional banking:


  • View your accounts status online at a glance, with real-time balances and transactions
  • Manage staff member access so they can only see and action those functions you choose - or even be restricted to specific times during business hours
  • Take advantage of Corporate Online's best of breed security - with 128bit encryption and SecurIDĀ® Tokens


  • Monitor your accounts whenever you require, wherever you are. Corporate Online's flexible internet-based access allows your employees to be in multiple locations
  • Add services or users as your business grows
  • Allow key third parties access to streamline communication


  • Minimise IT overheads for specialised equipment, upgrades, and backups compared to internet-based solutions
  • See your staff get straight to work - Corporate Online tasks and workflow have been carefully designed to make it easy and quick to take action
  • Simplify establishing access and managing passwords to Westpac services, through use of a single sign in

Corporate Online services

Corporate Online's suite of transactional banking services allows you the flexibility to select the applications and features you require to suit your organisation.

To find out more information of the applications and features available in Corporate Online be sure to read theCorporate Online Product Brochure (PDF 148 kb)

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