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BT Personal Portfolio Service

The BT Personal Portfolio Service is closed to new investors. It is a service for people with more than $50,000 to invest and has 3 components:

  • Investment service
  • Superannuation service
  • Pension service.

Investment options

Each component has a range of investment options:

  • Westpac Classic Strategies - lets you invest across a range of cash, bond, property and share investments
  • Westpac Sector Funds - lets you invest in the major investment types in any combination you wish
  • External investment options offered by other leading fund managers such as:
    • Pendal Group Limited
    • BT Funds Management
    • Colonial First State
    • Aberdeen Asset Management
    • Macquarie Bank
    • Black Rock
    • MLC Investments Limited.

The BT Personal Portfolio Services suits those who want to invest with a range of fund managers but want one point of contact.

BT Personal Portfolio Service Features

Features Investment Service Super Service      Pension Service
Minimum initial investment
$50,000 $50,000 $50,000
Minimum balance across overall service $40,000 $40,000 $50,000
Minimum amount to be held in the service $2,500 $2,500 $50,000
Additional contributions (lump sum) No minimum No minimum $5,000 minimum1
Additional contributions (savings plan) No minimum No minimum Not permitted
Minimum withdrawal No minimum No minimum No minimum
Switching fee2 Nil Nil Nil

BT Personal Portfolio Service Fees and Costs Booklet

Su­per­an­nu­a­tion and Pen­sion - Fees and Costs Book­let (PDF 78KB)

In­vest­ments - Fees and Costs Book­let (PDF 77KB)

Keeping you informed

With the Personal Portfolio Service, all your information comes from a single source – even if your investments are spread among a number of different funds. Every February, May, August and November you receive a comprehensive but easy-to-read personalised report on your portfolio.

A financial adviser can tailor a Personal Portfolio Service solution that can help you achieve your investment and retirement needs.

Read the annual report for:

BT Personal Portfolio Service: Investments (PDF 1MB)

BT Personal Portfolio Service: Superannuation and Pension (PDF 365KB)

Things you should know
  1. A new policy is required, which will be consolidated with an existing Pension Service policy for reporting purposes.
  2. You can change your investment strategy free of charge at any time although you will pay the spread between the issue and redemption price of units you have switched in underlying funds. Such changes may also have capital gains tax implications.
  3. This fee is made up of the administrator's fees under the constitution plus GST net of Reduced Input Tax Credits available to the Service.

Westpac Financial Services Limited ABN 20 000 241 127 is the responsible entity and issuer of the BT Personal Portfolio Service: Investment (PDF 1MB) . Westpac Securities Administration Limited ABN 77 000 049 472 is the Trustee and issuer of the BT Personal Portfolio Service: Superannuation and Pension. Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) are available for these products and can be obtained by calling 131 817 or visiting You should obtain and consider the PDS before deciding whether to acquire, continue to hold or dispose of interests in these products.

Financial Services Guides for the responsible entity of the BT Personal Portfolio Service: Investment and for the Trustee of BT Personal Portfolio       Service: Superannuation and Pension can be obtained by downloading it, calling 131 817, visiting or from any Westpac branch.

An investment in these products is not an investment in, deposit with or any other liability of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (the Bank) or any other company in the Westpac Group. It is subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment of withdrawal     proceeds and loss of income and principal invested. The Bank is not theissuer of the products. Neither the Bank nor any other company in the Westpac Group stands behind or otherwise guarantees the capital value or investment performance of the products.