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Cheques and Bank cheques

Bank cheques

Westpac bank cheques are a safe alternative to carrying large amounts of cash and they’re accepted as a secure form of payment. We can draw bank cheques for you at our branches, even if you don’t have an account with us.

Depositing cheques by post

You can send your cheques to us to deposit into your account as long as you include a Westpac Deposit Slip pre-printed with your unique BSB and account number.

You can order a book of Deposit slips pre-printed with your account details by calling us on  132 032 8am – 8pm Sydney time for personal banking or 132 142 for business banking, or by visiting a branch.


  • We need to receive your cheque with your Westpac Deposit Slip to deposit the funds into your account
  • We are unable to accept cheques that would not ordinarily be accepted in branch, for example, those that have not been written out to you (third party cheques)
  • There is no limit on the number or value of cheques you can post
  • You agree to pay all fees and charges associated with depositing your cheque by post, including postage fees

How to deposit a cheque with Westpac by post:

  • Use a regular envelope, you will need to apply a stamp
  • You must include your pre-printed Westpac Deposit Slip in the envelope. Your deposit slip must be fully completed and correctly record all of the details of your deposit. You will need to complete the fields for postage date, total cheque amount, total deposit amount, and the total number of cheques
  • Write a return name, address and contact number on the back of the envelope

Make and keep a copy of the cheque or a listing of the cheque details (Cheque number, BSB, Account number, amount, date, drawer name), until the funds clear in case the cheque is lost or damaged. 

Post your stamped envelope to one of these addresses

Westpac Group Cheque Processing
C/O Decipha
Unit 2, 38 – 44 Doody Street,
Alexandria NSW 2015

South Australia & NT
Westpac Group Cheque Processing
C/O Decipha
6A Hampton Road,

Westpac Group Cheque Processing
C/O Decipha
2 Duncan Street,
West End QLD 4101

Victoria & Tasmania
Westpac Group Cheque Processing
C/O Decipha
1D Marine Parade,

Western Australia
Westpac Group Cheque Processing
C/O Decipha
45 Esther St,

Unacceptable cheques

Please note we are unable to accept by post:

  • cheques made out to someone who is not you
  • cheques that are future dated, stale (dated more than 15 months ago at time of receipt by Westpac, not authorised, physically altered (without initialisation by drawer), damaged, missing details (i.e. date on cheque. Payee name, amount in words, amount in figures, Drawer’s signature),or incorrect may be dishonoured by the paying financial institution
  • Any other cheque that would ordinarily not be accepted within a branch

We also cannot deposit cheques posted without your unique pre-printed Deposit slip.

How long will it take to process a cheque deposited by post?

Our aim is to process cheques on the same day we receive them and, once processed, the standard three business days for funds to clear still applies. This time may vary due to unusually high demand for electronic processing at present.

Remember that the time it takes for a cheque to reach us is dependent on Australia Post and differs from region to region. Calculate postage and delivery times on the Australia Post website.

Delays in processing your cheque may occur in the event of incorrect, incomplete or missing deposit slips. Delays may also occur where a high volume of cheques are lodged.

Will my cheque be returned by post if it can’t be deposited?

Where a return address has been provided, cheques that can’t be deposited will be returned to you. If a return address has not been provided, reasonable efforts will be made to forward the cheques to the account holder, who will need to contact the sender to resolve the matter.

Access to cheque funds

Once you deposit a cheque, the funds are normally available after three business days.

Stopping a cheque

If you write a cheque and want to stop the payment, you can:

  • Call us on 132 032 8am – 8pm Sydney time
  • Visit any branch immediately
Things you should know
  • Where your deposit slip does not correctly record the amount on your cheque, you authorise us and, we are entitled to deposit the correct amount into your account as shown on the cheque
  • We reserve the right to refuse to bank improper cheques and to return these cheques to you. Our determination of whether a cheque is in proper form is final
  • Nothing in these conditions or otherwise limits our rights under the Cheques Act 1986 and we reserve those rights



  • We shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss before a cheque is received by us
  • Once a cheque is received by us, our maximum liability to you for loss or damage is for the value of the cheque
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you retain details of the cheque deposited so that in the event of loss or damage, you can approach the drawer for a replacement
  • We will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered if you are in breach of any of the conditions of use
  • You indemnify Westpac against any actions, proceedings, claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses incurred by Westpac by reason of the provision of the services under these conditions