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Daily Payment Limit explained

  • A Daily Payment Limit is the amount of money you can transact per day within Online Banking and the Westpac App.*
  • This limit can help you stay in control of your everyday banking as well as increase security by limiting how much money can be moved each day from the accounts you access via Online Banking.
  • The default Daily Payment Limit is $750 per day for your Online Banking. The limit is shared between you and anyone who has access to make payments. If you change your Daily Payment Limit, everyone with shared access will also be able to access the modified limit.
  • You can change your Daily Payment Limit (up to a maximum of $10,000) using Online Banking or the Westpac App. If you need to increase your limit above $10,000, call us through the Westpac App (that way you can skip the security questions). 

Keeping things secure

To increase your Daily Payment Limit, you’ll need to be registered for one of our added security measures. If you haven’t already, you can either:

  1. Register for Westpac Protect™ SMS code online in under two minutes, or;
  2. Organise a SecurID® Token by calling us on 1300 655 505. 


Note: For security reasons, we recommend decreasing your limit once you’ve completed any necessary transactions. 

Changing your Daily Payment Limit

Choose your preferred method below then watch the video or follow the steps to change your Daily Payment Limit. 


  • How to access on desktopHow to access on desktop
  • How to access on mobileHow to access on mobile

View steps

  1. Open the Westpac App on your phone and tap ‘Sign in to banking’.
  2. Tap the ‘Self serve’ icon located on the bottom menu.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Security and access’ and tap ‘Daily Payment Limit’.
  4. Select your new Daily Payment Limit or enter the amount in ‘Other’ and tap ‘Change limit’.
  5. A Westpac Protect SMS® Code will then be sent to your registered mobile phone number. Enter the SMS Code and tap ‘Next’.
  6. Your Daily Payment Limit is now updated.
Things you should know

Read the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 277KB) at before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you.


*Please refer to the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions for the full list of payment methods that will consume your Daily Payment Limit. You will be advised at the time of payment if your Daily Payment Limit is being consumed.