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What's a carbon footprint?

Whenever we go places, eat things, or use and buy new stuff, we’re contributing to the growing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents produced as we go about our daily lives. To help you understand and track the carbon footprint of your transactions, we've integrated a Carbon Footprint Tracker into the Westpac App.

Why use our Carbon Footprint Tracker?

Based on the transactions you make using eligible Westpac accounts, including transaction and credit card accounts, the Westpac Carbon Footprint Tracker will help you understand and keep track of your estimated carbon footprint. 


Compare your footprint against individual and Australian household averages, to better help you understand where you could make changes to live more sustainably.


Did you know?

The average Australian household is 2.5 people*.

Here's how it works

With the help of our partner Cogo, estimates of your carbon footprint are calculated based on the whole transaction amount, not the individual items in it. So, if you go for lunch at a café, the whole bill, not individual menu items, is used in the calculation.


1. View

Search Carbon Footprint Tracker or simply scroll until you see What’s your carbon footprint? Follow the prompts to view.


2. Customise

Transactions are automatically categorised, but you can edit them for more relevant results if you like.


3. Measure

Each category has been assigned an average carbon emissions factor by Cogo. These averages are used to calculate the estimated carbon footprint of your transactions.



4. Learn

Easy-to-read charts let you see how your estimated carbon footprint changes over time, as well as how you compare to Australian averages.

Let's get you started

Find your Carbon Footprint

Sign into the latest version of the Westpac App to begin exploring.

Not a customer?

Let’s help you find a Westpac everyday account or credit card that could fit.

Keep your journey going

The more we know, the better equipped you are to make decisions that may help reduce your carbon footprint. If you'd like to learn more, these resources are a great next step.


Understanding your carbon footprint

What a carbon footprint is, how to measure it, and how you could manage yours is a helpful step towards making a positive change.


Small changes could make big impacts

Simple, quick and practical tips that could give you the knowledge and power to act and make choices to live more sustainably.


Making sustainable living an easier choice

Learn how we’re supporting your choices with products, services, tips and ideas to inspire and support your sustainable living goals.

How we're seeking to reduce our carbon footprint

Our goal is to become a net-zero, climate resilient bank and we have an action plan to get there.

Frequently asked questions

The Westpac App uses two pieces of data to calculate your estimated monthly carbon footprint: the transaction amount, and the transaction’s industry category which has an associated emissions factor calculated based on Australian industry average data. Each eligible transaction is multiplied by an 'emissions factor' (how much greenhouse gas that type of activity emits per dollar spent) to work out the estimated carbon footprint for that transaction.

Our partner, Cogo, has provided these emission factors, mapped to their comprehensive database of industry categories (e.g., home energy, petrol, groceries, fashion, etc) for Australia. For example, $50 spent at an Australian grocery retailer creates, on average, 17.8kg CO2e, the equivalent of driving an average car for 100km.

Your estimated carbon footprint is based on the total transaction amount, and not the individual items making up that purchase.

Need to download the Westpac App?

Things you should know

Read the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 448KB) at before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you.

Last updated 1 Nov 2023.


The information provided relates to environment, social and governance (ESG) topics, including but not limited to climate change, targets, projections, scenarios, and other proxy data. All facts on our Sustainable Living Ideas website and CO2e values are estimates. The science, methodologies and data quality and availability relating to ESG topics are rapidly evolving and maturing, including the available data and variations in approaches and common standards in estimating and calculating emissions. There are inherent limitations in the current scientific understanding of climate change and its impact. Carbon footprint estimates are calculated based on industry averages only and are not specific to individual purchases or merchants. The calculations compare transactions conducted via eligible Westpac accounts against industry data provided by Connecting Good Australia Pty Limited (Cogo). Transactions categorised as pending or transfers aren’t included. All facts and CO2e values are estimates provided by and published with the permission of Cogo. The information is based on research at an industry level, will be updated as more information becomes available, and Cogo is responsible for its accuracy and completeness. Westpac gives no representation, warranty or guarantee (including as to the quality, accuracy or completeness) of this information. Climate and sustainability related forward-looking statements are not guarantees or prediction of future performance. Actual outcomes may differ from those expressed or implied and are not guarantees or predictions of future performance.


​*Source: GlobalData PLC 2022


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