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Westpac Vanilla Instalment Equity Warrants (Westpac VIEWS) give investors leveraged exposure to ASX-listed securities with no risk of margin calls. Ordinary dividends or distributions paid on the underlying security are paid to the investor.

  • Borrow to invest in shares
  • Available to SMSFs
  • Buy directly on ASX

Buy directly on the ASX

Greater potential returns

For typically a fraction of the cost of the underlying securities you could immediately obtain many of the benefits of ASX-listed securities ownership - like potential for distributions, dividends, franking credits (conditions apply) and capital growth. Distributions, dividends and franking credits should be included in an investor's assessable income. Please refer to the detailed tax section in the PDS.

Receive dividends or distributions

Any dividends or distributions received in relation to the underlying security are paid to you.

No margin calls

You can enjoy many of the potential benefits of geared exposure to ASX-listed securities without margin calls.

Optional second payment

You can let Westpac sell the underlying securities at maturity (which could have tax consequences) instead of paying the second instalment.

Easy to trade

Westpac VIEWs are traded on the ASX so you can buy or sell at anytime, directly on the ASX.

Protection through a limited recourse Loan

You access leveraged exposure to the underlying securities through a limited recourse Loan from Westpac. If the price of the underlying security falls below the Loan Amount, you can walk away at expiry with no additional future payment required.

Receive the Underlying Securities at any time

You can obtain full legal title to the underlying securities at any time by repaying the Loan Amount.

Unlock the value of existing security holdings

Where you already own securities, you can apply for Westpac VIEWs as a Securityholder Applicant transferring securities you already hold to the Security Trustee and drawing down a Loan. This allows you to maintain your exposure to existing holdings while freeing up cash to reinvest or diversify without creating a capital gains event (not available to SMSFs).

Things you should know

Westpac VIEWs Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 689KB)

Westpac VIEWs - PDS Update - Notice to Investors - 14 April 2020 (PDF 349KB)

Westpac VIEWs - PDS Update – Notice to Investors – 12 August 2019 (PDF 41KB)

Westpac VIEWs - PDS Update – Notice to Investors – 1 July 2019 (PDF 32KB)

Westpac VIEWs - PDS Update – Notice to Investors – 30 October 2018 (PDF 85KB)

Westpac VIEWs – PDS Update - Notice to Investors 12 November 2016 (PDF 86KB)

Westpac Instalment Warrants FSG (PDF 66KB)

Westpac VIEWs product brochure (PDF 51KB)

ASX Understanding Trading and Investment Warrants (PDF 2MB)

Westpac VIEWs - Indicative Pricing Sheet (XLS 145KB)


Any reference to taxation matters is a general statement only and should only be used as a guide. It does not constitute tax advice and is based on current tax laws and proposed announced tax amendments. The individual situation of investors may differ and investors should seek independent professional tax advice on any taxation matters.

Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, AFSL 233714 (Westpac) is the issuer of the Westpac Vanilla Instalment Equity Warrant Product Disclosure Statement dated 14 April 2014 and any supplementary or replacement product disclosure statements issued from time to time ('PDS').

Consider the PDS before making any decision to invest. This information does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs so you should consider its appropriateness having regard to these factors before acting on it.