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Make a claim

Follow these steps to make a claim on your Home and Contents or Landlord insurance policy.

Need to make a natural disaster claim?

If you're a Westpac Home Insurance customer and have been impacted by a flood, fire, storm or severe natural disaster we're here to help.

Please read on for more details on the claiming process and to lodge your claim online.

Before you submit a claim

  • Make sure you and your property are safe. Do everything you can to prevent further loss or damage to your property.
  • Contact the police on 000 if the damage is malicious, property has been stolen or your home was illegally entered.
  • Contact State Emergency Services (SES) on 132 500 for fire, flood and storm emergencies.

Contact us if you have damage caused by water, or require emergency repairs or urgent assistance because: 

  • There is no power or running water to the property.
  • Local authorities will not allow you to access or live in your home.
  • You're unable to close or lock all windows and doors.
  • There is water damage to your home or contents.
  • There is an opening in the building which allows the elements in (e.g. a hole in the roof).
Contact us for emergency assistance

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Start your claim

Step 1. Preparing to submit your claim

What you’re covered for  

Please refer to your Policy Schedule to obtain your sum insured and to check your nominated excess. You can also access a summary of cover and benefits by visiting Home and Contents Insurance and Landlord Insurance.

Note: Your policy covers unforeseen events however, it may not cover general wear and tear.

For full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions, read the Home and Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 623KB) or Landlord Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 549KB).

Step 2. Making a claim

What information do I need to submit my claim?

  • Your personal details and policy number
  • Details of the event including the date the incident occurred, what happened, and details of property or contents affected
  • Photos or documents for upload (optional)

Submit your claim online at any time, 24/7:

  • Allow up to 15 minutes to complete your lodgement
  • Fill in as much information as you can on the form
  • You can upload documents or take photos on your mobile phone and attach them to your online claim
  • Once your claim has been submitted, one of our consultants will contact you within 3 business days



Step 3. After your claim is submitted

What happens next?

We’ll contact you within 3 business days to confirm your claim number, and whether a Claims Assessor will be making an inspection of the loss or damage. We may also request further information or documents.

If a Claims Assessor is required, the Claims Assessor will contact you and arrange to visit you at a convenient time. If a Claims Assessor is not required we will contact you to progress your claim. If you have any questions about completing this form or about your claim, please contact us on 1300 369 989.


Frequently asked questions

It’s best to keep damaged goods until they have been inspected or assessed. Our claims team or claims reps will advise you when you can dispose of these goods. If the item or items are hazardous (e.g. spoilt food, black mould etc), it is best to document the loss and take photos to help assist us in assessing your claim.

The claims process is made up of 3 main parts:

  1. Lodgement – make sure you supply as much information as possible, including any proof of purchase details when making a claim. This will help resolve your claim faster.
  2. Assessment – our team will use the documentation you’ve provided as well as speak with you during the assessment process.
  3. Outcome if your claim is valid, we’ll pay your claim up to the amount insured in your policy, under the benefit you’ve claimed under.


When something happens to your home and the things you love, we know you’ll want help fast. So lodging a claim with us is simple. Call us and we’ll take details of your claim over the phone on 1300 369 989, or submit your claim online.

It’s also important to keep records of your possessions and any documents that provide evidence of your property’s value, in case you need to make a claim.

The types of documents and information we may request include but are not limited to:

  • Proof of purchase – including sales receipts, credit card statements or bank statements showing the purchase transaction details.
  • Model and serial numbers, and original instruction booklets and owner’s manuals.
  • Valuations – a document completed by a professional valuer before the loss occurred, including an item description, specifications and the cost to replace the item in Australian dollars.
  • Original certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer.

Our online claims process allows you to lodge your claim and attach any supporting documents or proof of ownership that may support your claim. For contents claims, the more proof and documentation you can attach at lodgement, the faster your claim can be settled.

You can make a claim online or call us on 1300 369 989.

We will be in touch to request you to:

  • Provide us with access and a reasonable time to inspect the loss or damage before you allow anyone to fix or interfere with it, and
  • Provide us with the proof of ownership evidence if not provided when you lodged your claim. We’ll also need details of the cost to repair your property or replace your possessions.

As long as no further information, assessment or investigation is needed, we will accept or deny your claim and let you know the outcome. If we need further information, we will request the specific information required, appoint an assessor or investigator and provide you with an estimate of the time required to make a decision on your claim.

Repairing or replacing

When we agree to pay a claim for loss or damage, we may choose to pay the reasonable cost of the repair, or the reasonable costs of replacement to new condition or, a cash amount. Please refer to the PDS for more detail.

Repair guarantee

We will guarantee the repair to your building and contents when we provide or recommend a repairer for you. However it’s important to know that we won’t guarantee any repairs if you choose your own repairer.

There are also circumstances where we may refuse to pay your claim, these include;

  • The claim isn’t covered under your specific policy or general exclusions
  • The building was unoccupied at the time of the event, and had been unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days, unless you told us of this before the unoccupancy and we agreed in writing to continue your cover. Refer to the PDS for more detail.
  • You have failed to take reasonable care to do what is required of you under your policy.
  • You have not taken reasonable care to maintain and protect the insured property, to avoid loss or damage to the property.
  • You do not take reasonable care to prevent further loss or damage to your property once the event has occurred.
  • You fail to give us information we ask for, or do not send us documents you have or have received in relation to the claim.
  • You make a fraudulent claim.

Your “sum insured” is the amount for which your building, contents, personal valuables, and legal liability are covered – it will be shown in your policy schedule. You choose the sum insured for your building and/or contents policy and for some listed items of contents and specified personal valuables. In some cases there is a maximum amount payable for certain items and benefits which are outlined within the PDS. We have an online calculator to help you and some helpful articles/information about Understanding Home Insurance.

Your “sum insured” is the amount for which your building, contents, personal valuables, and legal liability are covered – it will be shown in your policy schedule. You choose the sum insured for your building and/or contents policy and for some listed items of contents and specified personal valuables. In some cases there is a maximum amount payable for certain items and benefits which are outlined within the PDS. We have an online calculator to help you.


A good analogy that was used by the claims team was, imagine if you were to tip your house upside down, think of everything that would fall out… that’s your contents. Many people tend to underinsure their contents.

For more information please see our Understanding Home Insurance articles. 


Things you should know

Home and Contents Insurance and Landlord Insurance are issued by Allianz Australia General Insurance Limited ABN 99 003 719 319, which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708 (Allianz Insurance). Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714 arranges the insurance under a distribution arrangement with Allianz Insurance, but does not guarantee the insurance. This information does not take into account your personal circumstances. Read the Product Disclosure Statement to see if this insurance is right for you. Call 1300 650 255 or visit