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Is it your home loan?

What are you looking to do?

Sell my property

Whether you're ready to relocate, rent or cash in your investment, simply read the FAQs below then fill out and submit the Property & Security Request form.

Move to another bank

Choose the state or territory you’re in:

Other security changes

  • Pay off my loan in full – congrats!
  • Discharge one property from my loan
  • Close a linked term deposit
  • Remove a guarantor
  • Request a change to security

Review the FAQs below, then complete and submit the Property & Security Request form.


You’ll need to fully discharge your loan, which means removing Westpac’s home loan from your property title. You can start this process by completing our Property & Security Request form.


Moving house?

Whether upgrading, downsizing or changing postcodes, we’re here to help with tips and tools (PDF 4MB) including:

  • A bridging loan – you’ve found your next home and need more time to sell your old one
  • Free property reports.


Keeping your loan

‘Porting’ your home loan – switching properties on the same loan – lets you keep your existing Westpac loan open for up to 6 months while property-hunting. You’ll need:

  • A signed copy of the Property & Security Request form
  • A copy of the signed and dated Contract of Sale
  • The Power of Attorney (if applicable), if not already held by the bank
  • A copy of the original title of your previous/current property.

Know more

Congratulations! If you've fully paid down your home loan, it’s time to request your Certificate of Title.

Here’s how:

  • Fill out and submit our Property & Security Request form – it can take a few weeks to process
  • We’ll process the registration of your Certificate of Title and home loan discharge with your state or territory’s Land Titles office
  • Remember to review your will, estate plan and insurances
  • Then have a big celebration.

Yes you can. It’s called a partial discharge: when you have more than one property secured on your loan, and you're releasing one of those properties as security, without repaying the full loan. You can start the process by filling out the Property & Security Request form.

We’d love the chance to change your mind, but if you do decide to leave we'll make it as easy as possible for you. For a tailored service, tell us which state or territory you’re in:

Next Steps

If you’re authorised to make changes on the property owner’s behalf, simply fill out and submit the form if they’re:

  • Selling their property
  • Paying off their home loan in full
  • Discharging one property from a loan
  • Switching to another financial institution
  • Closing a linked term deposit
  • Removing a guarantor
  • Requesting a change to security.
Fill out the form to update the property’s security


In your Property & Security Request form, we’ll ask you for:

  • Info about all borrowers
  • Info on any guarantors
  • Broker, Solicitor, Executor and Power of Attorney info
  • Your home loan account numbers
  • Info about new and existing securities, properties or term deposits.