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How we’re encouraging good money habits

In our Online Banking Family Hub, we're supporting parents and guardians by introducing features to our Westpac Choice Youth account so that together, we can help young people learn to manage their money safely.

How we’re making it safer for under 14s

Parents or guardians with third-party value access can see their child's accounts via Family Hub, monitor transactions, receive parental Push Notifications, and more.

Daily Limit controls

Every under 14s Choice Youth transaction account has an automatic block limiting transactions to $50 per day.

Payment controls

To keep your child safe online, they'll be restricted from making international payments or payments via BPay®.

Parental notifications

Get notifications about your child's activity, from transactions to changes to Daily Limits and any attempts to remove third-party access.

Card management controls

Temporarily lock or unlock your child's card anytime, or report it lost or stolen to order a new card if it can't be located.

What happens when a child turns 14?

Once a child turns 14, many of the controls can be lifted. They'll be able to remove third-party access and parental notifications, change their Daily Limit, and make BPay and international payments.

Information for signatories, such as a parents and guardians:

1. Set up Push Notifications

To get better visibility of a young person’s banking, set up Push Notifications on your Westpac App.

These notifications will tell you when money goes into or out of Bump Savings or Choice Youth accounts you have third party access to. This helps you stay on top of the account holder’s spending while keeping an eye out for suspicious or unexpected account activity. You can also be notified when your third party access has been removed so you can have a discussion with your child about accessing and having oversight of their account. Lastly, you can receive notifications if your child’s Daily Payment Limit changes so you can intervene on any change in spending.

To set them up, search notifications in the app and follow the prompts – choosing which accounts to monitor. You can give accounts nicknames to distinguish them from your own banking services. Here’s how to set up nicknames.

2. Access Card Controls

You can manage locking your child’s Debit Mastercard® or report it lost or stolen in the Westpac App or Online Banking. 

In the Westpac App or Online Banking:
1. Find your child’s Choice Youth account

2. Select Family Hub

3. Review who has access to accounts

Check and change who has third party access

You may wish to chat with the account holder about who else has access to their account and how setting up these controls can help keep their money safe.

How to check and change third party access in Online Banking on a PC or laptop:

1. In your child’s Online Banking, select the account you want to check

2. Select third party access

3. You’ll see a list of people who can access the account.

If the account holder is happy to have anyone’s access removed or the type of access changed:

4. Select the arrow next to the person’s name

5. Select Remove > Confirm

6. Use Edit to change the type of access they have.

Alternatively, you can visit us in branch or call us.

FAQs about accounts, signatories, and notifications

A signatory is someone, such as parent, grandparent, or guardian, who can operate an account in branch. If the account holder is under 14, they are required to have a signatory on their account.

A third party is someone who has been granted access to an account in Online Banking. This person can see the account in their own Online Banking and depending on their permission level can either view the account only, or view and transact with the account. A third party may or may not be the same person as a signatory.

Access can be set up when an account is opened, or it can be added in branch.

FAQs about payments and payment limits

You can lock your child’s Debit Mastercard or report it lost or stolen in the Westpac App or Online Banking. 

In the Westpac App or Online Banking:
1. Find your child’s Choice Youth account

2. Select Family Hub

If you can’t see the controls in your Online Banking, you can visit us in branch with your child and your ID documents and we’ll set you up with access.

You can also change their Daily Payment Limit in branch or over the phone.

Things you should know

Read the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 355KB) (PDF 417KB) at before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you.

  1. Account holders under 14 years old cannot make BPAY Payments in Online Banking. They can make BPAY payments through Telephone Banking.
  2. Account holders under 14 years old cannot make International Payments in Online Banking. They can make International Payments in branch.

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