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Think you may lose your job?

Losing your job suddenly is a big life shake-up, but not all that uncommon in today's uncertain environment - a fluctuating economy, advances in technology and innovative disrupters are all influencing job security more than ever before. And with that comes the thought of the sudden loss of a daily routine, professional identity, and especially a regular income – all which can play havoc on your emotions and everyday life - but we're here to help.

Looking after your wellbeing

From the anxiety about a potential restructure or job loss, to the moment you're told you've been made redundant, your stress levels are already inflated. This is going to be an emotional journey, but the most important thing to remember is you're not alone. Your friends and family are all on your side, and we are also here to help. There are plenty of services and organisations set up to support you so check out your local government's website and you may even wish to speak to your GP for guidance. It's important to take this time to think about what your next move could look like, and take care of yourself too – exercise, fresh air and healthy meals are all critical to supporting you through the stress and disruption to your daily life.

Considering your next move

One strategy is to think of a job loss as a potential opportunity. Have you been keen to make that next step in your career? Have you been wanting to do further studies? Could a part-time or flexible solution be opportune at this point in your life? Some key starting points are to:

  • Explore your options.
  • Build your personal brand.
  • Reach out to recruiters.
  • Seek career counselling.
  • Network with colleagues and former colleagues.
  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Sign-up for industry networking events and seminars.
  • Access government resources and familiarise yourself with what it means

And most importantly, take this time to imagine where you could see yourself working next – it's your unexpected chance to pursue the dream and turn it into a reality.

Thinking about your finances

We're here and ready to help you prepare for what may come next with a job loss. We can work with you to prepare a revised budget, you can visit our hub of helpful toolkits to help manage your earnings and expenses . And make sure you reach out to us about your debt - we have options to help you through this period. There are plenty of government services you can access too. We're here to help see you through and help ease the stress that comes during this period of uncertainty. We're also able to help you look at the financial opportunities to make the most of a redundancy too.