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Guidelines and forms

Anti Money Laundering changes - Effective 23 February 2009

In December 2006, Australia passed new laws to bring us in line with international standards and guide our identification and mitigation of money laundering and terrorism financing. The Westpac Customer Identification Standards list the types of documents that can be used for identification when opening a bank account with us. Some forms previously available on this web site have been removed due to legislation changes.

General banking


Transactional account Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 310KB)


Account opening form (PDF 127KB)

Periodical payment authority (PDF 109KB)

Stop payment request (PDF 13KB)

Automatic transfer / replenishment request (PDF 104KB)

Account Signatory Forms

For any account opening and authorities change applications submitted from 24 January 2020, all account signatories will be required to present at least one form of photo ID containing their full name, and date of birth (such as a drivers licence, passport) to an authorised Westpac representative or by visiting a local Westpac Branch to be identified. A secondary form of identification may be required in some instances.

Notice of authority (PDF 74KB)

Annexure 'A' to notice of authority (PDF 62KB)

Notice of authority (specific account) (PDF 318KB)

Annexure 'A' to notice of authority (specific account) (PDF 63KB)

Notice of authority for addition to persons authorised (PDF 324kb) (PDF 81KB)

Annexure 'A' to Notice of Authority for addition to persons authorised (PDF 441kb) (PDF 706KB)

Serialised deposit books

Serialised deposit books ease the reconciliation process by identifying individual divisions, agents, sites or stores when funds are deposited into a single account.

Please use our online ordering facility to order  serialised deposit books as required.

How do I establish a facsimile/email indemnity?

Complete the facsimile/email indemnity (PDF 50KB) if your organisation intends sending instructions by means of facsimile transmission or email to the Bank and, your organisation wishes to accept facsimile advices and other communications, such as email, transmitted by the Bank, in relation to any accounts, facilities or other arrangements which you may now or in the future have with the Bank.

What identification is required?

A certified copy means an identification document that has been certified as a true and correct copy of an original document by an approved certifier (refer below for approved certifiers).
The approved certifier must certify that the photocopy is a true and correct copy of the original by writing on and signing the photocopy as follows:
I, [full name of approved certifier], a/an [select appropriate from list of approved persons below], certify that this [name of document] is a true and correct copy of the original. [Signature and date]

I, John Citizen, a Justice of the Peace, certify that this Trust Deed is a true and correct copy of the original.
John Citizen

Approved Certifiers
The following persons are approved by the Bank to certify identification documents:

  1. A person who is enrolled on the roll of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory, or the High Court of Australia, as a legal practitioner (however described)
  2. A judge of a court
  3. A magistrate
  4. A chief executive officer of a Commonwealth Court
  5. A registrar or deputy registrar of a court
  6. A Justice of the Peace
  7. A notary public (for the purposes of the Statutory Declaration Regulations 1993)
  8. A police officer
  9. An agent of the Australian Postal Corporation who is in charge of an office supplying postal services to the public
  10. A permanent employee of the Australian Postal corporation with 2 or more years of continuous service who is employed in an office supplying postal services to the public
  11. An Australian consular officer or an Australian diplomatic officer (within the meaning of the Consular Fees Act 1955)
  12. A bank or building society officer with 2 or more continuous years of service
  13. A finance company officer with 2 or more continuous years of service
  14. An officer with, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian financial services licence, having 2 or more continuous years of service with one or more licensees
  15. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants with 2 or more years of continuous membership
  16. A Commissioner for Declarations
  17. A Commissioner for Affidavits.


Overseas customers must provide a completed applicable WIB Certified Copy Certificate and can only use the following category of certifiers:

  • Category 11
  • Category 12 or 13 where the international bank/finance company is acceptable to Westpac (Please refer to your Client Enquiry Manager for a current list of acceptable banks)
  • Any of the persons specified in category 1 to 17 where the person holds these positions within Australia.

Certified Copy Certificates

WIB Certified Copy Certificate - Organisations (PDF 120KB)  to provide certified copies of documents for Organisations.

WIB Certified Copy Certificate - Individuals (PDF 1MB)  to provide certified copies of documents for individuals.

Guidance Document for Customers

The document below has been prepared for customers to provide guidance on the process for certifying identification documents.  This document is for Australian registered/resident customers only.  Customers registered/residing overseas must refer to the applicable Certified Copy Certificate for instructions.

 WIB Customer Guidance on Certifying ID Documents (PDF 24KB)

Cheque Cashing Authorities

Service agreement for cheque cashing authorities. (PDF 119KB)

Cheque Cashing Authority request (PDF 106KB)

Request for Schedule "B" (PDF 44KB)

Direct entry

Recall single item (PDF 51KB)

Recall whole file (PDF 51KB)

Cut-off times

Receipt of files by Westpac

GDES  4.30 pm on business day prior to nominated processing date
Standard 4.30 pm on nominated processing date

We recommend morning processing where possible to avoid peak processing times. Late processing may be available by arrangement on a limited basis for standard processing.


GDES 3.30 pm on business day prior to nominated processing date
Standard As soon as possible after file transmission, prior to release of file by Westpac
Bureau 10.30 am on the nominated processing date (for standard processing)

Attempts to recall a file or entry are done on a best endeavours basis.

Contact details
Direct Entry Operations Enquiry Line

1300 360 406
Fax: (02) 9767 1113

How do I open foreign currency accounts?

A Foreign Currency Account is an Australian based deposit account for foreign currency. They are available for most major currencies.

The Account Opening form and Notice of Authority must be completed to establish a Foreign Currency Account.

Foreign Currency Account Opening Form (PDF 1MB)

Notice of Authority (PDF 212KB)

Foreign Currency Account - Terms & Conditions (PDF 3MB)

Incorporates the Terms and Conditions of accounts.

Foreign Currency Term Deposits

Foreign Currency Term Deposits PDS (PDF 109KB)

Foreign Currency Term Deposit Application (PDF 158KB)

How do I close foreign currency accounts?

Please complete and return the Foreign Currency Accounts Request for Account Closure request (PDF 125KB)  when requesting the closure of an on-shore Foreign Currency account. This document allows you to type details directly onto it and should be signed by authorised signatories.

Please return completed documentation to your Client Enquiry Manager.

How do I close my Westpac corporate evergreen account?

Please complete and return the  Evergreen account closure form (PDF 54KB) when requesting the closure of a corporate evergreen account. This document allows you to type details directly onto it and should be signed by authorised signatories.
Please return completed documentation to your Client Enquiry Manager.

Payment processing service

Recall single Direct Entry item (PDF 51KB)

Recall whole Direct Entry file (PDF 51KB)

Cancellation of PPS Bank Cheque Request (PDF 37KB)

Contact details

Payment Processing Service Operations
Ph: (02) 9806 4316

Things you should know

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