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Partnering with corporates, institutions and governments

Leading the way in Australian infrastructure

We're the leading financier to Australian PPP infrastructure projects under construction. We're also backing nation-building infrastructure and in the last ten years* we've helped our clients deliver:

  • Over $70BN1 of capital investment in infrastructure development, including: 
  • 424km of improved roads, as well as
  • 107km of metro rail infrastructure
  • 1,420 passenger train carriages and
  • 3,190 new hospital beds.


Our industry-leading experts partner with Australia’s most dynamic organisations to finance private infrastructure, from ports to airports, major toll roads and telecommunications networks. 


Powering the switch to renewables

We're the leading bank to Australian greenfield renewable energy projects. In the last five years*, we've helped our clients deliver:

  • $10BN2 worth of capital investment 
  • Across 28 new projects
  • That’s enough to power the equivalent of 2.6 million homes when completed.


Lending to renewable solutions accounts for over 80% of our total electricity generation funding in Australia3.


Building a better world today

We’re helping to drive Australia and New Zealand's transition to a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future. In the last 6 months* we've helped our clients to build a better tomorrow with a growing number of landmark transactions to support their environmental and social goals through:

  • 23 sustainable finance transactions globally
  • Totalling $19.7BN4


Empowering you through data insights

Westpac DataX is a commercial data analytics offering that allows you to integrate the power of Westpac data (including over 6 million daily card transactions) with your organisation's data assets. Through Westpac's business intelligence tools and a team of data specialists, the data is refined into rich and actionable insights that can help you:

  • Better understand and measure market conditions, economic trends and the impact of events
  • Deliver more targeted products and services
  • Benchmark your performance and market share
  • Optimise your operations and distribution channels


Sustainable future insights in Westpac IQ

ESG Impact: what you need to know - September 2023

This month we report on Australian companies’ challenges in meeting net-zero targets, some breakthroughs on the way to a circular economy, a gap in funding for biodiversity solutions, plus a trailblazing sustainability linked loan that puts the emphasis on social impact.

Close-up of ferns and mosses on a tree trunk in rainy forest with copy space as a beautiful background

Biodiversity: Our dependence on nature

Expectations on businesses to manage biodiversity risk and opportunities are growing, so how are organisations stepping up to measure their nature footprints?


Safeguard Mechanism new rules snapshot

Significant structural changes are set to redefine carbon markets and pricing as part of Australia’s push for a more sustainable future.

Things you should know

* To 31 March 2023

Source: IJ Global League Tables as at 30 May 2023 and/or Westpac research. 

  1. The $70 billion is based on publicly sourced information and represents the project value of these projects to which Westpac together with other lenders and capital providers contributed to their funding. 
  2. The $10 billion is the AUD equivalent, converted based on an AUD/USD spot rate as at 30 May 2023, is based on publicly sourced information and represents the project value of these projects to which Westpac, together with other lenders and capital providers, contributed to their funding. 
  3. As at 31 March 2023.
  4. Of the 23 transactions, Westpac contributed $2.1 billion of direct lending and assisted (together with other joint lead managers) with the distribution of $7.3 billion of bonds into the capital markets. Of these transactions, 15 were loans and 8 were bonds. The $19.7, $2.1 and $7.3 billion is the AUD equivalent, converted based on an AUD/currency of the transaction spot rate for the month end of financial close.

Westpac Institutional Bank’s financing exposures are not limited to green and sustainable financing. For more details of Westpac Institutional Bank’s financing exposures please see (PDF 6MB)

Westpac Institutional Bank is a division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714. This information is correct as at 5 June 2023.  This product is available only to wholesale clients within the meaning of s761G of the Corporations Act 2001. You should consider whether or not this product is appropriate for you. Terms and conditions apply. Copyright 2023 Westpac Banking Corporation.