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Merchant facilities

New digital forms

Westpac have launched new digital forms for an efficient, easy and fast experience.

Find out more about the experience to start.

Merchant facilities can be established to allow your Agency to accept debit and credit card payments. We have a number of options available (such as EFTPOS terminals and Internet solutions) to meet your needs.

It's important that a merchant facility is selected that meets  your Agency's needs. We suggest that you discuss your needs with your Client Manager before establishing a new facility.

How do I establish a new merchant facility?

Complete the relevant merchant application (to establish the merchant facility)  and the Corporate Online Organisation Amendment (PDF 588KB)  form (to receive merchant settlement reporting through Corporate Online).

If chargeback or billing items are to be processed to a non-Westpac account please complete the Direct Debit Request (PDF 837KB)

Should you have any queries regarding completion of the above forms, please contact us and we will provide assistance.

Completed forms should be returned to your Client Enquiry Manager.

How long will a new facility take?

In most cases we will provide your Merchant ID to you within five business days. Details of new EFTPOS terminals are usually provided at the same time, or very soon after.

How do I amend or cancel an existing Merchant Facility?

Send us a letter on your organisation letterhead with details of the amendment or to request a cancellation and we will action your request.  Depending on the amendment requested, we may require additional paperwork, but we will let you know.

How do I amend the Direct Debit Request?

Please complete the Direct Debit Request (PDF 837KB) for Merchant facilities to amend the account that will be used for Merchant fees, adjustments, or chargebacks.

Who do I contact should I have technical problems with the EFTPOS terminal?

Contact the Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 029 749.

How do I order merchant stationery?

To order items such as terminal rolls or sales vouchers please contact the Merchant Helpdesk on 1800 029 749. Find more information on how to order merchant stationery.

Who do I contact should I have a technical enquiry in relation to PayWay?

Contact the PayWay Helpdesk on 1300 727 111 or send an email to