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Electronic Value Cards

The Application for an Electronic Value Card facility (PDF 189KB)  should be completed to establish the facility. Your implementation manager can assist with the completion of this form.

Complete the Administrator Nomination (PDF 123KB) to establish, or modify the Administartor(s) for this facility. Adminstrators of this facility will grant access to the Electronic Value Card applications of 'Secure IT/Access' and 'Secure Reports'.

When establishing a Verifying Officer for your Electronic Value Card program, please complete the Verifying Officer Nomination (PDF 160KB) All "CardWiz Managers" must be nominated as Verifying Officers.

Verifying Officer Certification of Cardholder (PDF 139KB)
Your Verifying Officer is required to complete this form for each cardholder that they have identified for issuance of an Electronic Value Card.

Complete the Direct Debit Request (PDF 496KB) to nominate the Westpac bank account that your Electronic Value Cards value load will be debited from. This form is required when establishing your facility, or when amending an existing direct debit.

Complete the User Access (IP Address) (PDF 39KB)  form to unblock the nominated computers in your organisation that require access to the Electronic Value Cards applications.

The Facsimile Instructions: Authority and Indemnity (PDF 50KB)  should be completed to establish a fax indemnity for your company to allow Westpac to act on faxed/emailed instructions. Westpac does not require this indemnity where one is already held for your organsation.

Please complete the Prepaid Card Program Site Setup (PDF 69KB)  form to setup or modify sites for your Electronic Value Cards program.

Please complete the Inventory Management Request (PDF 151KB) form to request any inventory changes or requests for Electronic Value Cards.