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User guides

Quick reference guides

These quick reference guides provide you with a step-by-step instructions on how to use the functions available in Corporate Online.

Further user guides are available when logged into Corporate Online from the user guides link on the left hand menu within each application.


Getting started in Corporate Online (PDF 218KB)


Adding new Westpac accounts to Corporate Online (PDF 190KB)

Amending an office address (PDF 106KB)

Amending access to Accounts (PDF 145KB)

Creating a new office (PDF 159KB) 

Creating a new user (PDF 198KB)

Creating and managing Account groups (PDF 155KB)

Creating reports (PDF 99KB)


Setting accounts preferences (PDF 117KB)

Creating and viewing reports (PDF 117KB)

Creating and authorising Stop cheques (PDF 133KB)

Exporting account information (PDF 111KB)


Setting your payments preferences (PDF 111KB)

Creating transfers between your own accounts (PDF 165KB)  

Creating transfers to a Commercial credit card (PDF 231KB) 

Creating local payments to new beneficiaries (Australia) (PDF 334KB) 

Creating local beneficiaries (Australia) (PDF 246KB) 

Creating international payment to new beneficiaries (PDF 300KB)  

Creating international beneficiaries (PDF 244KB)  

Creating recurring payments (Australia) (PDF 269KB) 

Creating BPAY payments (PDF 124KB) 

Creating TAX payments (Australia) (PDF 191KB) 

Creating new file templates from new transactions (PDF 177KB)

Creating new file templates from existing files or templates (PDF 169KB)

Creating payment files from new transactions (Australia) (PDF 186KB) 

Importing payment files (PDF 163KB) 

Viewing payment status after processing (PDF 94KB) 

Viewing file status after processing (PDF 90KB) 


Setting receipts preferences (PDF 106KB) 

Viewing Commercial Card information (PDF 155KB)

Exporting Commercial Card information (PDF 101KB) 

Viewing Receipt information (PDF 133KB) 

Exporting Receipt information (PDF 106KB) 

Creating and viewing reports (PDF 109KB) 

Creating export schedules (PDF 134KB)


Setting deposits preferences (PDF 76KB)

Opening a Term deposit (PDF 285KB)

Providing Term deposit maturity instructions (PDF 128KB)

Corporate Mobile

Viewing account transactions and balances (PDF 420KB)

Creating payments  (PDF 800KB)

Authorising payments (PDF 562KB)

Authorising payment files (PDF 487KB)

Need help?

Within Australia phone 1300 134 291, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (Australia wide)

Within Papua New Guinea phone 322 0999, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (Papua New Guinea time)

Within New Zealand phone 0800 423 424, Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm (New Zealand time)

Outside of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea phone +61 2 9155 7737, Monday to Friday, 8am and 8pm (Australia wide)