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New Zealand

To register your organisation as a new Corporate Online customer with Westpac, please complete one of the options below.

Basic registration

This Quick Start establishment form will set up Corporate Online with one default office, three administrators and two users for initial setup. The administrators may create any user(s) based on your authorisation requirements.

Corporate Online New Zealand Quick Start Establishment Form (PDF 676KB)  

Custom registration

If your requirements are greater than the Basic Registration please complete the following establishment forms.

Corporate Online New Zealand Organisation & Office Establishment Form (PDF 658KB)  

Corporate Online New Zealand  Additional Office Form (PDF 539KB)  

Corporate Online New Zealand Administrator Form (PDF 596KB)  

Corporate Online New Zealand User Form (PDF 736KB)  

Self-service amendments

Corporate Online allows changes to be made within the Administration application. Your organisation Administrator(s) can complete the following amendments:

  • Organisation amendment: Update your daily channel limit, account access to accounts/payments applications
  • Office amendment: Add, amend or delete an office
  • Account group: Create, amend or delete
  • User amendment: Create, amend or delete (including applications, features, offices, accounts and services)
  • Amend an account relationship: Assign a single account to account groups and users

For further information on how to complete self-service tasks, refer your Administrator(s) to the Using Administration user guide available from the User guides link in the Corporate Online left hand menu.

Corporate online amendment forms for non self administering amendments

For changes that are not able to be completed online, please complete the following applicable form:

Corporate Online New Zealand Organisation Amendment Form (PDF 600KB): This form is used to add Accounts, Services, Billing and increase the Daily Channel Limit. (this form can be signed by Administrators or Directors/Executive Officers)

Corporate Online New Zealand Organisation Features Amendment Form (PDF 706KB): For customers who require changes to be made to their features/authority levels. (this form must be signed by Directors/Executive Officers)

New Zealand Third Party Amendment Forms (PDF 539KB): For customers who require access to Third Party accounts. (this form must be signed by Directors/Executive Officers or the account and Administrators of the Organisation) 

Note: Any data entered into Corporate Online forms that are in PDF writeable format can be saved on to your Computer.

For any enquiries or to lodge the forms, please contact your Westpac Representative.