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Integrated POS: How a café with a ‘pedigree’ now takes cashless payments faster

4-minute read

Dachshund Coffee co-owner Alex Williams wanted a fun and memorable name for his café. He also wanted a way to take cashless payments that matched the needs of his customers, as well as his business. Here Alex explains how his integrated POS system helps shorten queues while saving him time. 

Key take-outs
  • Staff take payments faster and with less risk of keying errors
  • Contactless EFTPOS is safer for both staff and customers
  • Streamlined reconciling saves time and improves business reporting
  • Customer experience is enhanced.

A passion for people and food inspired Alex and his twin brother to open a café in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill. Dachshund Coffee fulfilled their ambition to share and showcase their love of great coffee and plant-based foods. 


“Our philosophy is simple,” says Alex. “Serve food that uses quality local ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced, and make it accessible to the community.


“Dachshund Coffee believes that relationships, not transactions, are the foundation of how we connect with one another.”


That said, transactions do still play an important role in the business. The way payments are taken can influence the overall customer experience, as well as the smooth running of their café. 

Why choose an integrated point of sale system?

In 2020, Alex invested in an integrated POS solution by connecting a Presto Smart EFTPOS machine to his Kounta POS system1. In previous years, Dachshund Coffee had used a traditional cash register and standalone EFTPOS combo to take payments, but the experience wasn’t ideal.


“Before we got Presto Smart,” says Alex, “we'd often experience staff members incorrectly putting in the wrong amount, either overcharging or undercharging. We also had to manually reconcile, making the process a little bit more clunky - and there was user error”. 

So what exactly is ‘integrated POS’?

A POS system with integrated EFTPOS removes the manual processes involved in taking in-store payments. You don’t have to enter amounts into the EFTPOS machine, and reconciliation can be automatic (rather than ‘clunky’).


“Now that we have it automatically reconciled, it makes the process a lot smoother,” says Alex. 


Here’s how integrated POS works: 

1. You scan items or choose products on your POS screen 

2. The POS calculates the bill and sends the total amount to your EFTPOS machine (generally via a cable, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi)

3. Your customer pays with their card or device at the counter or table

4. The EFTPOS machine lets the POS know the payment has been made

5. Funds are transferred to your nominated bank account

6. If your EFTPOS machine has the capability, automatic end-of-day reconciliation takes place.

How can POS integration save time and reduce costs?

Speeding up payments at the counter and table helps reduce labour costs; and integration means that costly keying errors are avoided. Automatic reconciliation saves time too.


“On Saturdays when it's really busy, not having to key the details into the EFTPOS terminal saves us time and allows us to serve more customers quickly,” says Alex.


Another advantage of his POS-integrated EFTPOS is that Alex can quickly check his takings whenever he wants to. Presto Smart EFTPOS sends real-time transaction data to a dedicated online dashboard, providing better visibility of business performance. 


Adding third-party POS software to compatible systems can also provide powerful stock control and inventory management tools. Another significant time saver.


“Technology has enabled me to be more productive and has increased efficiencies within our business," says Alex. “It just makes life a lot easier.”

How does integrated POS improve customer experience?

No one wants to queue for longer than they must – and avoiding contact with EFTPOS machines is important to customers too. Integrated POS helps with both these experiences.


Nowadays, customers expect other services too – such as easy ways to split bills, a cashless tipping option, and easy refunds (in stores). Businesses may want the ability to accept orders and payments at the same time, at the table; or take card payments over the phone. These are all features to check for when you’re shopping around for integrated POS and integrated EFTPOS.

Next steps?

There are hundreds of different POS systems1 to choose from, plus integrated EFTPOS solutions such as Presto Smart (which Alex uses) and EFTPOS Connect (which integrates with Linkly POS systems). A chat with a Westpac payment specialist may help you navigate the options and find the right solution for your needs:

Customers today expect to be able to pay the way they want to, whether that’s using their card, mobile or watch. Providing them with a fast and efficient cashless payment experience helps match their expectations – and gives business owners such as Alex valuable benefits too.

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