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Why choose Presto Smart?

Take payments anywhere in store

Let customers pay at the counter, on the sales floor or at the table, split the bill with ease (POS dependent).

Fast payments, simple reconciliation & instant settlement2

No more manual typing of payment amounts in to your merchant terminal, fuss-free end-of-day reconciliation and immediate access to your funds with instant settlement.

Stable and reliable

On certain terminals, Presto Smart will automatically switch over to 3G3 should your main communication method drop out so you never miss a sale.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Presto Smart is easy to set up and get started and intuitive for you and your team to use.11 We also have you covered with 24/7, Australian-based technical support.

Special offers

Terms and conditions apply.

For customers under a Presto Smart Pricing Plan:

  • Establishment fee waived for your terminal (saving you $82.50)8
  • Business One Low monthly plan fee waived for the first 12 months for new Business One Low accounts (saving you $120)9
  • Discount of $10 per month on your monthly Presto Smart Pricing Plan for the first 6 months (saving you $60)10

How it works

1. Select/ Enter the sale item in Point of Sale (POS)

Select/Enter the item to sell on your POS system (not included with Presto).

Don’t have a POS? See supported POS systems

2. Take payments using Presto Smart

When the total sale amount appears on Presto Smart device, you can accept payments from your customers.

3. Print integrated EFTPOS and POS receipt from your POS

No need for separate card and POS receipts, both will appear on a single receipt from your POS.

Choose your terminal

Choose your terminal based on your payment needs in store


  Presto Smart (VX690 terminal)

Presto Smart (VX690 terminal)

Presto Smart (e355 terminal)

Presto Smart (e355 terminal)

Pay at table    
Splitting bills and tipping (POS dependent)
Print EFTPOS receipts (when paying at table)
Tap and go, insert or swipe    
Order at table  


(when linked to mobile POS)

Surcharging 4  (POS dependent)    
Pre Authorisation 4,5 (POS dependent)    
Process refunds    
3G backup and standalone mode3    

Mail order / telephone order (card not present transactions) 4

(POS dependent)


Help me choose a Presto Smart Plan7

What you'll get


1 x Presto Smart terminal (VX690 or e355).

Need more? Contact us.




Settle into your existing eligible Westpac account or we'll open a Business One Low transaction account for you.
Plus we'll waive the $10 monthly fee for the first 12 months9.



No lock-in contract6, so you can change plans any time.



24/7 technical support for your Presto Smart terminal, so you always have help available.


Additional fees

  • Additional fees also apply as described in your guide to merchant fees and charges
  • Other fees such as stationery fees, chargeback fees and voice/IVR authorisation fees also apply
  • There is a cost involved in replacing a lost or damaged terminal. Please refer to your fee schedule for further details.
  • The cost to cancel your Presto Smart facility is $104.50.

Getting started

1. Request a callback

One of our merchant specialists will contact you to discuss your business needs and help you apply without visiting a branch.

2. Receive your device

Once your application is approved, you will receive your new device via a technician (if you are located in a metro area), or satchel (if you are in a remote area).

3. Set up in 5 minutes

Follow the step-by-step instructions to integrate Presto Smart with your POS system and start getting paid.

Don’t have a POS system yet? See supported POS systems.

Things you should know

Applications for merchant services are subject to approval. Terms and conditions and fees and charges (PDF 1MB) apply. Full details are available on request.

1. The Point of Sale solutions are supplied by POS Providers, not Westpac. Westpac does not guarantee or endorse those products and any related services.  You can find out if your POS is compatible with Presto Smart.  

2. Westpac instant settlement functionality is not available between 9:30pm and 11:59pm (Sydney time) for all EFTPOS 1 and Presto Smart terminals and is not available between 9:30pm and 11:00pm (Sydney time) for all other terminal types. You can only settle a Westpac issued EFTPOS terminal once within a 24 hour period. Subject to system availability, settlement can take place 7 days a week. Settlement must be to a Westpac business transaction account. Instant settlement functionality is not available on Corporate Online and is only available for Visa, Mastercard and eftpos transactions (excludes Dynamic Currency Conversion and UnionPay transactions).

3. Standalone mode allows you to process card payments even when the POS is not connected to your EFTPOS terminal.

4. Subject to Westpac approval.

5. Pre-authorisation functionality will be subject to scheme rules and enabled for eligible merchant category codes.

6. Changes to merchant pricing plans are effective from the following month.  

7. To be eligible for the Presto Pricing Plan you must hold and settle into a Westpac business transaction account in the same name as the Merchant Facility. Not available for use outside of the indirect tax zone. One terminal per Presto Pricing Plan, per Merchant and available for Presto products only.

8. The Establishment Fee will be waived for successful application for a new Merchant Facility on a Presto Smart Pricing Plan. Eligibility criteria apply for a Merchant Facility and Presto Smart Pricing Plans. This offer may be withdrawn or varied at any time.

9. The monthly plan fee, currently $10 per month, for your Business One Low account will be waived for the first 12 months while you continue to hold and settle a Merchant Facility on a Merchant Pricing Plan. After the end of 12-month period, the standard monthly account fee (applicable at that time) will be applied.  The Business One Low account must be in the same name as the Merchant Facility. This offer is not applicable for any other account type and for a single account per Merchant Pricing Plan only. All other account fees and charges apply. Where you do not hold a Business One Low account or cease to hold a Merchant Facility on a Presto Smart Pricing Plan, the monthly account fee will apply for the Business One Low account. This offer may be withdrawn or varied at any time.

10. You will receive $10 off the monthly Presto Smart Pricing Plan fee for the first 6 months if you apply/open before 30 September 2019. After the end of the 6 month period, the standard Presto Smart Pricing Plan fee (applicable at that time) will apply. We may withdraw or vary any benefit under this offer by providing you 30 days’ written (including electronic) notice. All other account fees and charges apply.

11. Subject to your POS and POS software version being compatible with Presto Smart.

* Includes means the total maximum dollar value of Visa, Mastercard and eftpos transactions that can be processed through your Merchant Facility per calendar month included in the Participation Fee. If this included value is exceeded in a calendar month, a 1.5% fee applies to the total dollar value of Visa, Mastercard and eftpos transactions processed that exceeds this included value. Other card types are not included in the Westpac Merchant Pricing Plans and are subject to separate pricing.

˜ There are a number of pricing plan options that may be suitable to your needs.  The “Recommended” pricing plan identified is based on the estimated transaction amounts you have provided but as this information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account, you should consider its appropriateness to these factors before choosing which pricing plan is right for you.

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