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Want a quick and easy self-service FX solution?

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FX Transactions

Westpac's Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction is an agreement between you and Westpac to exchange one currency for another, at an agreed exchange rate on an agreed date.

FX Forwards

Westpac's suite of foreign exchange Forward Contract products can help protect your business against unfavourable exchange rate movements, while providing you some ability to participate in any favourable exchange rate movements that may occur.

FX Option

In exchange for an up-front premium, Westpac's Currency Option provides you with the right (but not the obligation) to buy (or sell) a specified amount of a currency against another currency, at an agreed contract amount, on a specified maturity date.

FX Asian Transactions

Westpac's deep knowledge and experience of Asia leaves you well well positioned for dealing in Asian currencies. We offer a full range of Asian currencies.