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Temporarily lock your business credit or debit card

Lost your card? Put a temporary block on your card until you find it.

What happens when I lock my card?

  • Your card will be locked for 15 days while you look for it
  • You can unlock your card at any time 
  • Any direct debits on a linked bank account will continue
  • The card will unlock automatically after 15 days. You should consider reporting your card lost or stolen if you haven't found it within 15 days to protect yourself from unauthorised transactions

How to lock (or unlock) your business credit or debit card via your personal banking profile

If you have a personal account and are registered for Online Banking or the Westpac App, you can lock or unlock your card online.


In the Westpac App

  1. Tap Cards in the bar menu
  2. Swipe to select the card
  3. Tap the Lock card temporarily button


Found it? 

Simply tap the same button to unlock your card that you used to lock it.

How to lock (or unlock) a business debit card via a Business Network

Members of a Business network can Lock or Unlock a Business Debit Mastercard if they have value access (view and create payments) to the linked transaction account and have the Business Servicing Requests entitlement. 


In the Westpac App

  1. Tap Business in the bar menu
  2. Tap Card services
  3. Click on Lock a card temporarily
  4. Select account card is linked to and follow the prompts


Found it? 

Simply follow the same steps, and tap the same button to unlock the card


Tip: If you can’t see the account to select check your business network profile access via Service > Preferences > Profile access and ask your Administrator to make changes if required. 

Tip: From a Business network, third party accounts to the business are not eligible for completing this request via online banking.

What if I am not registered for Online Banking?

What about additional cardholders?

  • When you lock one Altitude Business Credit Card, you’ll also lock the cards of any additional cardholders.
  • For BusinessChoice Credit Cards, you’ll need to lock or cancel the cards for each additional cardholder separately. If you’re an Administrator, call us on 1300 650 107 to lock any additional cards.
  • If Mastercard® debit cards are linked to the account (for both Altitude Business and BusinessChoice), you may need to be lock or cancel the cards separately - including cards added to mobile wallets and wearables.

What if my card is used before I get to lock it?

  • If any unauthorised transactions occur on your cards, the Westpac Fraud Money Back Guarantee ensures you'll be reimbursed in full provided you have: 
    • Not contributed to the loss (and complied with the card's conditions of use)
    • Contacted Westpac promptly.
  • Learn more about what you can do if there is a fraudulent transaction.

What if my business credit or debit card is lost for good or was stolen?

Report a lost or stolen card to permanently block your card, stop all transactions on your account, and organise a replacement. 

Things you should know

Read the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 417KB) at before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you.

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