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Protecting you from financial abuse

Financial abuse can happen to anyone. People can be particularly vulnerable to financial abuse when they are dependent on family members and other people for their day-to-day care or social contact.

  • Call 000 if you are in immediate danger.
  • To speak with a specialist team at Westpac who can help you manage your finances during difficult circumstances call Priority Assist on 1800 063 509.

Financial Abuse Support Guide

Financial abuse is more common than you would think with thousands of cases occurring across Australia every year. It affects people of all cultural, financial and social backgrounds. That’s why we are here to help with the tools and information on how to help keep you safe.

Financial Abuse Support Guide (PDF 1MB)


Financial abuse occurs when someone manipulates your financial decision-making, or misuses or controls your money, financial resources, or property or assets without your knowledge or consent.

Financial abuse can happen to anyone, at any time, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation. People who are dependent on family members and other people for their day-to-day care or social contact can be particularly vulnerable to financial abuse.

A ‘financial abuser’ can be someone you hardly know or someone you have known all your life. They could be family members, friends, acquaintances or strangers who befriend you. They may also be professionals or caregivers employed to help you.

There can be many different reasons why financial abuse starts. For example:

  • A person may feel a sense of entitlement to your money.
  • Someone in a position of trust, such as an attorney or person appointed to manage your affairs, may not be well-equipped for that role.
  • It may be a gradual change, where someone initially managing your money responsibly begins to take advantage opportunistically.

It’s important to remember that there are no circumstances in which financial abuse is acceptable, so if you think this might be happening to you, don’t be afraid to get help.

We believe in providing a level of extra care in the way we support customers experiencing financial abuse. Our approach and the principles we apply are outlined in our Family or Domestic Violence Position Statement. (PDF 470KB)

Easy English guides

We’ve translated key documents into Easy English, a style of writing that helps people with a range of communication needs to understand important information. This guide explains how to get support if you are experiencing financial abuse.

If you need to, you can get someone to help you: 

  • Read this guide. 
  • Understand what this guide is about.  
  • Find more information.
Download the Easy English guides