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Indigenous Australians

Supporting Indigenous Australian customers, people and communities to prosper and grow.

Why is this important?

No other culture has a history as long as Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - the oldest continuous living culture on the planet. That is something in which all Australians can take pride.

Yet striking disparities persist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia. This is particularly true in the areas of health, economic inclusion and empowerment. At Westpac, we have long believed we have a responsibility to use our skills and our connections in partnership with Indigenous Australian people to help bridge these disparities. 

By partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, customers and communities we can help to shape a nation in which Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians share social and financial equity. In doing so, we'll contribute positively to the national economy for the benefit of all Australians.

Taking action

Our current Reconciliation Action Plan - the fourth since we launched our initial plan in 2010, is our most ambitious yet.  It has been ranked 'Elevate' status by Reconciliation Australia, the highest status to be awarded, and has almost 50 measurable commitments. 


Our focus is in four areas:

  • Meaningful careers
  • Better banking experiences
  • Backing Indigenous business
  • Prospering communities

Initiatives in action

Indigenous Australian parity exceeded

Westpac announced that the proportion of its employees who self-identify as Indigenous Australian had reached more than 4%.

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Indigenous Australian university internships

Aleacia McIntyre is one of at least 400 Indigenous Australian university students Westpac plans to recruit over the next decade through its partnership with CareerTrackers.

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Our progress

How we are tracking against our 2015-17 RAP

Objectives and measures 2015 2016 2017 Target by 2017
Meaningful careers
Indigenous Australians recruited (cumulative number)1 219
451 628  500
Indigenous Australian university student interns recruited through CareerTrackers Indigenous Internships Program (cumulative number) 34 60 97 1202
Retention reporting framework and career retention programs tailored to Indigenous Australian employees Program design progressed Program development progressed Program progressed Implementation of programs
Financial inclusion
Indigenous Australian organisations that undertake Westpac financial education training (cumulative number)  10 37 39  30
Visits to Indigenous Australian Communities by Westpac Indigenous Business Managers to engage and assess financial inclusion needs (cumulative)  25 64 97  30
Supply chain spend directed to Indigenous Australian businesses (cumulative $m) 1.2 2.8 5.3 3
Investigate and implement new product and service offerings to better meet the needs of Indigenous Australians Progressing Progressing Progressing Address opportunities
Strong and thriving communities
Time spent by Westpac Group employees on secondments3 with Indigenous community organisations through Jawun 391 weeks during the year 276 weeks each year 298 weeks during the year 276 weeks each year
Financial grants made to organisations supporting Indigenous Australians (number) 24 21 25 Increase YOY
Financial grants made to organisations supporting Indigenous Australians ($) 721,781 230, 943 530,000 Increase YOY
Recognition advocacy
Completions of Indigenous Cultural Awareness training module by employees 1,442 2,283 1,684 Increase YOY
Branches with permanent signs which acknowledge Traditional Owners of land (number) 750 750 1,047 Full network
Community visits by Westpac Group senior leaders to organisations through Jawun (cumulative visits) 6 11 16  15
Improve outcomes in biennial RAP Employee Perception Barometer Survey in late 2016 Increase in positive attitudes and perspectives Survey not due until 2018 Improve biennially


1. 2015-17 cumulative target, introduced to align with 2015-17 Reconciliation Action Plan. 2015 and 2016 restated due to improved calculation methodology.

2. Westpac aims to recruit at least 400 Indigenous Australian university interns over the 10 years to 2024 through our partnership with CareerTrackers.

3. Includes five 12-week and two 6-week secondments to support Empowered Communities program.



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