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Westpac Subordinated Notes

Westpac Subordinated Notes redemption

Westpac Banking Corporation (ABN 33 007 457 141) (Westpac) redeemed all of its Westpac Subordinated Notes (representing 16,762,190 Westpac Subordinated Notes at $100 each) on their first optional Redemption Date of 23 August 2017.

Each holder of Westpac Subordinated Notes was paid the face value of $100 and a final interest payment of $1.1305 (for the interest period from, and including, 23 May 2017 to, but excluding, 23 August 2017) for each Westpac Subordinated Note held on the register on 15 August 2017 (the record date for the final payments).

Below is a copy of the ASX redemption announcement which was lodged with the ASX on 23 August 2017.

ASX redemption announcement (PDF 189KB) – 23 August 2017

About Westpac Subordinated Notes

On 23 August 2012, Westpac issued 16,762,190 Westpac Subordinated Notes, at an issue price of $100 each, raising approximately $1.68 billion of Tier 2 capital. Westpac Subordinated Notes traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)  under the ASX code WBCHA. The last trading day of Westpac Subordinated Notes on the ASX was 11 August 2017.

Further details on Westpac Subordinated Notes, including the terms, are included in the Information Memorandum dated 23 July 2012. Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms used on this website have the meanings given in the Information Memorandum.

Download an electronic copy of the Information Memorandum dated 23 July 2012 (PDF 884KB)

Download an electronic copy the Deed Poll relating to the Westpac Subordinated Notes (PDF 2MB). Refer to the Information Memorandum for information regarding the Deed Poll.

Interest payments

Westpac Subordinated Notes paid a floating rate of interest equal to the sum of the Margin and the 90 day Bank Bill Rate, quarterly in arrear. The Margin was 2.75% per annum.

See Section 1.2 of the Information Memorandum (PDF 884KB) for more detail on interest payments.

Interest payment date 90 day bank bill rate Interest rate Interest amount per Westpac Subordinated Note Number of days in the interest period
23 August 2017  1.7350% p.a.  4.4850% p.a.  $1.1305  92 
23 May 2017 1.7800% p.a. 4.5300% p.a. $1.1046 89
23 February 2017 1.7550% p.a. 4.5050% p.a. $1.1355 92
23 November 2016 1.7250% p.a. 4.4750% p.a. $1.1279 92
23 August 2016 1.9950% p.a. 4.7450% p.a. $1.1960 92
23 May 2016 2.2800% p.a 5.0300% p.a $1.2403 90
23 February 2016 2.2500% p.a. 5.0000% p.a. $1.2603 92
23 November 2015 2.1150% p.a. 4.8650% p.a. $1.2262 92
25 August 2015 2.1250% p.a. 4.8750% p.a. $1.2288 92
25 May 2015 2.3167% p.a. 5.0667% p.a. $1.2354 89
23 February 2015 2.7250% p.a. 5.4750% p.a. $1.3800 92
24 November 2014 2.6350% p.a. 5.3850% p.a. $1.3573 92
25 August 2014 2.6900% p.a. 5.4400% p.a. $1.3712 92
23 May 2014 2.6267% p.a. 5.3767% p.a. $1.3110 89
24 February 2014 2.5850% p.a. 5.3350% p.a. $1.3447 92
25 November 2013 2.5892% p.a. 5.3392% p.a. $1.3458 92
23 August 2013 2.8100% p.a. 5.5600% p.a. $1.4014 92
23 May 2013 2.9783% p.a. 5.7283% p.a. $1.3968 89
25 February 2013 3.27% p.a. 6.02% p.a. $1.5174 92
23 November 2012 3.62% p.a. 6.37% p.a. $1.6056 92

ASX announcements

WSN announcements can be sourced and viewed from the Australian Securities Exchange by searching ‘prices and research/announcements’ using the code WBC.


ASX redemption announcement – 23 August 2017 (PDF 189KB)

ASX announcement related to the redemption of Westpac Subordinated Notes - 21 June 2017 (PDF 313KB)

Media release related to Westpac Subordinated Notes Offer Closes dated - 23 August 2012 (PDF 240KB)

Media release related to Westpac sets the Margin and increases the Offer size -  20 July 2012 (PDF 108KB)

Media release Westpac announces Westpac Subordinated Notes Offer dated- 16 July 2012 (PDF 157KB)

View the Investor Presentation - Westpac Subordinated Notes (PDF 785KB)

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If you have any questions regarding the Westpac Subordinated Notes, please call the Westpac Subordinated Notes  Information Line on +61 1300 551 472 (local call cost within Australia), Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm, Sydney time.

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