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Summary of outstanding WST and Crusade securitisation issuances

Westpac Securitisation Trust (“WST”) Programme details

The WST Programme is Westpac’s programme for securitising Westpac-originated residential mortgages.

Details of WST term issuances in the Global and Australian domestic markets can be accessed by clicking on the relevant transaction below.



With regard to APRA’s letter to all ADIs dated 7 December 2020 on the scrutiny of securitisation practices, Westpac Banking Corporation confirms it has not repurchased residential mortgage loans from our WST securitisation trusts that are subject to APS 120 as a result of the loan entering a COVID-19 repayment deferral.

Crusade ABS Programme details 

The Crusade ABS Programme is Westpac’s programme for securitising auto loans originated by the Westpac Group.

There are currently no public Crusade ABS term issuances outstanding.