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Singapore disclosure documents

This page contains links to disclosure documents for Westpac in Singapore.

Westpac Asia Sales & Trading disclaimers

This communication is distributed by the Singapore branch of Westpac Banking Corporation (“Westpac”) ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714, which holds a wholesale banking license and is subject to supervision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Westpac Institutional Bank is a division of Westpac. This communication is from a Westpac Sales and/or Trading desk and is intended only for institutional investors, accredited investors and expert investors (as defined in section 4A of the Securities and Futures Act 2001). This document is not intended for retail clients; if you are a retail client, please do not read or rely on the content of this communication. Any on-distribution has not been approved or authorized, and Westpac expressly disclaims liability for such on-distribution.

This communication contains general information only. We have not taken into consideration any of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before taking any action, you should consider whether the general advice contained in this communication is appropriate to you having regard to your circumstances and needs, and seek appropriate professional advice if you think you need it.

This communication may contain market commentary that has been prepared by the Sales and Trading department of Westpac; such commentary is not intended to constitute independent investment research, investment advice, or a research recommendation, and it has not been prepared or reviewed by the Research department at Westpac. It may, however, contain restatements, summaries or extracts of research reports and explain on how the original research can be obtained. Views and opinions in this communication may differ from those of the Westpac Research department.

While this communication is based on information from sources which are considered reliable, Westpac does not represent, warrant or guarantee, expressly or impliedly, that the information contained in this communication is complete or accurate. Westpac does not accept any responsibility to inform you of any matter that subsequently comes to its notice, which may affect any of the information contained in this communication.

Westpac or any of its representatives, may, from time to time hold securities referred to in this communication and may trade in these securities either as principal or as agent. Westpac may also receive commissions, fees or other forms of remuneration from transactions involving investments referred to in this communication, including through other financial services or advice Westpac may provide.

IBOR Disclosures (including LIBOR)

Certain interest rate benchmarks are subject to ongoing international and other regulatory guidance and proposals for reform (Reforms). 

Any change in the performance of an IBOR benchmark or its discontinuation could have a material adverse effect which may materially impact the economics of transactions that have a nexus with IBOR benchmarks. Disclosure relating to the potential discontinuation of interbank Offered Rates (including LIBOR) can be accessed using the link below: 


IBOR Transition General IBOR Disclosure (PDF 113KB)

Accredited Investors - Singapore

Explanation of effect of being treated as an accredited investor (PDF 262KB)

Order Execution Disclosure – Singapore

Westpac Singapore Order Execution Disclosure document (PDF 342KB)