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Card Fraud

At Westpac, we’re vigilant about safeguarding your financial and personal information. Help protects you, your family and your business. Check out the types of scams being used plus some useful tips on how to stay safe.

Please report any suspicious activity immediately by calling  132 032 or +61 2 9155 7700 if overseas (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

A compromise to your credit, debit or handycard occurs when a card, or card and PIN data is obtained for fraudulent purposes. Fraud can occur on your card via:

  • A skimming device attached to an ATM or EFTPOS terminal.
  • A data breach at a merchant.
  • You lose your card or your card is stolen.
  • Your identity is compromised and used to order a new card.


Fraud can then be committed using online card payments, your card details copied onto another card or using your stolen card to make purchases you are unaware of and have not authorised on your card.


On this basis, it is important that you understand the Terms and Conditions of your card and Online Banking.


Please consider the following where you do not recognise a transactions before raising a fraud claim:

  • If you do not recognise the merchant name that was billed to your account. You can try and find the alternate business name from
  • If you have bought goods online, but they have not been received.
  • If you signed up for a free trial or subscription and forgot to cancel the subscription causing you to be billed for other and or future amounts.
  • If you are unable to reach an outcome with the merchant, please contact us to raise a Dispute claim, where we will do our best to help you with your enquiry.