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Investment Scams

An investment scam is where scammers convince you to invest in “high return” investments.

Business Email Compromise Scams

A business email compromise scam is when a business receives an illegitimate email from a supplier requesting an urgent payment.

Remote Access Scams

A remote access scam is when someone requests you to download software that shares remote access to your device.

Impersonation Scams

An impersonation scam is where scammers trick you into believing they are someone else in the hopes of stealing your money and/or personal data.

Romance Scams

A dating or romance scams is where scammers gain your trust by pretending to have strong feelings for you and then asking you for money, your personal details or to transport items for them.

Threat & Penalty Scams

Threat and penalty scams are when scammers threaten you with harm, arrest, or other demands in an attempt to force you into handing over money.

Easy English Guides

We’ve translated key documents into Easy English, a style of writing that helps people with a range of communication needs to understand important information in a simple way, including a specific guide on different types of scams and support available.

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Online Shopping Scams

An online shopping scam is when scammers trick shoppers into purchasing popular branded goods.


Ransomware is a type of malware that infects your system and sends you messages demanding payment to restore access to your files.


Phishing is a way scammers trick you into revealing your personal information such as passwords, account and identification details or credit card numbers.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is where someone gains enough of your personal information to steal your identity for personal or financial gain.


Malware, short for malicious software, is an intrusive program that fraudsters try to install on your devices or network.

Buying and Selling

Scammers can pose as both buyers and sellers to try and scam you out of money or items you might be looking to sell.

Job & Unexpected Money Scams

A job or prize money scam is when you are asked to pay money upfront to receive money or employment.

Tax Scams

When scammers claim to be from the tax office or other government agencies and threaten you with arrest, legal action or other demands to force you into handing over your money and or personal details.

ScamSpot: a series of 2-minute bites to help spot the latest scams

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