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Share the knowledge.

More than 500 scams, on average, are reported every day.*

Help protect your family and friends by keeping across the latest information and letting them know what to look out for. Visit Westpac’s security hub to find out what you can do to stay protected, take the Security Wellbeing Check or read about different types of scams.  You can also direct people to government sites such as Scamwatch or the Australian Cyber Security Centre to get more information.

Knowledge will help you beat the scammers

Scammers target everyone and are always evolving. To beat them you must be aware of how they operate, what you can do to protect yourself and know how trusted companies protect you. The below links will take you to information to help you beat the scammers.  

Latest Scams

To stay in the loop, and stay protected, check out our list of the latest phishing scams impersonating Westpac.

Protect yourself and your business

Complete our security checklists to lower the chance of you or your business becoming a target.

Security Wellbeing Check

To help keep you up to date with the latest security features, we’ve introduced the Security Wellbeing Check. Found in the Westpac App, it checks your Westpac settings and suggests how you can improve the security of your banking facilities.

Things you should know

*Based on scams reported to financial institutions and government agencies, such as Scamwatch and the Australian Cyber Security Centre.