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Don’t get played. Know what to look for to make it game over for scammers

  • Scammers don’t discriminateScammers don’t discriminate
  • Protect YourselfProtect Yourself
  • Online shopping scamsOnline shopping scams

What's your scam safety score?

Take our quiz to test  your knowledge

Answer simple multiple choice questions to learn about different types of scams. It’s a classic format, and these straight-forward questions have been designed to both teach and test you.


Protect yourself and your business

Complete our security checklists to lower the chance of you or your business becoming a target.

How we protect you

Safeguarding your financial and personal information is our top priority. Learn more about what we do to protect you and your business against fraudulent transactions.

Report a scam

If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or SMS messages, or notice unusual activity on your account, it’s important that you let us know.

Types of scams

Learn how you can spot different types of scams and what you can do to avoid becoming a target.


Latest Scams

To stay in the loop, and stay protected, check out our list of the latest phishing scams impersonating Westpac.

Security Wellbeing Check

To help keep you up to date with the latest security features, we’ve introduced the Security Wellbeing Check. Found in the Westpac App, it checks your Westpac settings and suggests how you can improve the security of your banking facilities.

Scams Awareness and Protection Seminar

By arming yourself and others with scam prevention knowledge you can help protect each other.

Find out more

Protecting your data

We take the protection of our customers personal and financial information very seriously. 
We have rigorous security measures in place, as well as security teams working to protect our customers details and accounts.
Our Fraud and Scams teams are monitoring 24/7 for any suspicious activity across the Westpac Group, using industry best practice security and fraud detection techniques.
You play a key part by keeping your Online Banking and account information safe and secure. Our Security Centre has been designed to provide you with a range of important information on how to protect yourself, types of scams and importantly how to report suspicious activity to us.