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Personal Property Securities Reform FAQs

What is the Personal Property Securities Reform (PPSR)?
What is personal property?
What are personal property securities?
Why do we need these reforms?
I run a small business. What's in it for me?
I received something called a Notice of Verification Statement. What do I need to do with this document?
I have an existing loan facility, what will happen to it on 30 January 2012?
Will PPSR incur additional fees?
Under PPSR, what happens if there is more than one lender with security over the same asset?
I have discovered my information on the PPS register is incorrect. What can I do to rectify the error?
My Relationship Manager tells me that my deal cannot proceed because another lender I was in discussions with went ahead and registered an interest over my property. What can I do?
I provided the wrong serial number for my vehicle (or boat / aircraft) to my Relationship Manager, and now I have been advised that the registration will have to be discharged and a new registration entered with the correct serial number. Should I be concerned?
If the register is publicly available, doesn't this raise privacy issues?