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Westpac’s email and SMS alerts

Westpac Share Trading offers free, unlimited alerts help keep you informed, wherever you happen to be. Choose to receive alerts to your personal email address or by push notifications to your smartphone via the Westpac Share Trading app.

Key features

Receive free, unlimited alerts for:

  • Share prices
  • Trading volumes
  • Market announcements
  • Shares that go ex-dividend.

Types of alerts

  • Price: Receive an alert when a share price reaches a specified value. You can use this alert to track price changes for individual shares.
  • Volume: Receive an alert when the trading volume for a share crosses a specified threshold. You can use this alert to track changes in trading volume for individual shares.
  • Market announcement: Receive recurring alerts whenever a company releases a market-sensitive announcement. You can use this alert to stay on top of news that could affect your investments.
  • Share goes ex-dividend: Receive an alert when a share’s ex-dividend date is approaching. If you own this share at the close of business the night before the ex-dividend date, you will be eligible for the upcoming dividend payment. Use this alert to stay informed about approaching dividend deadlines when making time sensitive decisions.
Things you should know

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