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Thought provoking views from award winning journalists

Rupert Murdoch isn't going anywhere just yet

As “chairman emeritus” the Fox and News Corp boss will still wield plenty of clout

What Asia's economic revolution means for the world

Links between the region’s countries are getting stronger. But America’s loss is not entirely China’s gain.

ChatGPT mania may be cooling, but a serious new industry is taking shape

Three forces will shape the business of generative AI

Slowing human ageing is now the subject of serious research

And some of it is making progress, writes Geoffrey Carr

Why are Vietnam’s schools so good?

It understands the value of education and manages its teachers well.

Europe’s last finishing school targets anxious executives

As the supply of debutantes dries up, etiquette experts explore a new market

The world’s most liveable cities in 2023

An index by our sister company rates the best, and worst, cities in which to live

Global fertility has collapsed, with profound economic consequences

What might change the world’s dire demographic trajectory?

Large, creative AI models will transform lives and labour markets

They bring enormous promise and peril. In the first of three special articles we explain how they work

Is the luxury sector recession-proof?

Not all high-end brands will lose their shine

The rich world’s housing crunch is far from over

Markets can be split into three camps: early adjusters, bullet-dodgers and slow movers.

Will the recent banking chaos lead to an economic crash?

So far, people seem remarkably blasé.

Retirement has become much longer across the rich world

On average, men can expect to spend 20 years kicking back.

The cucumber Saudis: how the Dutch got too good at farming

A small, fertiliser-rich country sniffs the limits of its old model.

Big tech and the pursuit of AI dominance

The tech giants are going all in on artificial intelligence. Each is doing it its own way.

The global rice crisis

Rice feeds more than half the world—but also fuels diabetes and climate change.

How the young spend their money

They are woke, broke and complicated. Businesses should take note.

Can India’s Richest Man Remake Mumbai’s biggest slum?

Gautam Adani takes on India’s essential, impossible job: redeveloping Dharavi.

Extreme weather is making parts of Australia uninhabitable

Some towns and suburbs will have to move to higher ground.

23 items of vocabulary you’ll need to know in 2023

Passkeys? Post-quantum cryptography? Vertiports? Get up to speed here.

The economics of thinness

It is economically rational for ambitious women to try as hard as possible to be thin.

Will Elon Musk-owned Twitter end up as a “deal from hell”?

Everything app. Or nothingburger.

Rates are rising at unprecedented speed. When will they bite?

Long lags in monetary policy are no argument for inaction.

China and the West are in a race to foster innovation

Which will have more success?

Fashion gets a modern makeover

A $700bn industry flirts with new materials, new countries—and new clients.

Travel chaos in Europe is a glimpse of a future with few spare workers

Employers are wondering where the staff went.

With or without Elon Musk, Twitter is overdue a shake-up

Behind a stagnation in users lies a stagnating product.

Reading corporate culture from the outside

It is becoming a bit easier to peer inside firms.

How sturdy are Europe’s tech unicorns?

The downturn is unlikely to lay waste to tech on the old continent again.

The biggest risks to Singapore’s primacy in Asian finance are at home

The pecking order of financial centres is changing.

A wave of unrest is coming. Here’s how to avert some of it

Soaring food and fuel prices are adding to pre-existing grievances.

How sport reflects America’s changing demography

Sports teams, like people, are moving south and west.

What America’s next recession will look like

A mild downturn may be followed by a painfully prolonged recovery.

A new nuclear era

With his threats to use the bomb, Russia's president has overturned the nuclear order.

The return of the inventory cycle

Why companies have become more prone to over-ordering stock.

Why Americans are poorly served by their grocery stores

Food shopping is expensive and inefficient, but change is coming.

Is big tech’s red-hot jobs market about to cool?

The industry’s giants are slowing their hiring.

The luxury of Asia’s malls is no substitute for genuine public spaces

The continent needs places where anyone can picnic, hang out or even protest.

More than just business buddies - Israeli firms and tourists are piling into Morocco

A once-furtive friendship has burst into the open.

Carbon markets are going global

But will they make a difference?

What John Lewis’s turn around says about the British High Street

The chain has arrested its decline by closing stores and diversifying its business.

Corporate espionage is entering a new era

Companies need to take it more seriously.

When and how might the war in Ukraine end?

Western allies are starting to split over the conditions for a peace.

California wants to lead the world on climate policy

The energy crunch offers the state a chance to live up to its green reputation.

How Chinese firms have changed Africa

Chinese companies have made their mark on the African continent, in ways good and bad.

Press Freedom is under attack

Journalists are struggling worst conditions since the cold war.

The push for shareholder democracy should be accelerated

It is still too hard for small shareholders to be heard.

How to deter China from attacking Taiwan

What Taiwan can learn from Ukraine about resisting invasion.

Can’t grow, won’t grow - Why Mexico’s economy underperforms

Red tape, taxes and gangsters keep small firms small.

Russia’s war is creating corporate winners and losers

As well as enormous volatility.

The other crisis - China scrambles to prevent property pandemonium

As defaults escalate, another shock threatens to hit the global economy.

Atolls as power stations - How to power Pacific islands

Turn the atolls themselves into power stations.

Into the mainstream – Private Markets have grown exponentially

The past decade has been a golden one for private financial markets. As they become bigger they are being dramatically reshaped, says Matthew Valencia.

The true cost of empty offices

Property investors are sitting on big losses.

The new order of Trade: Special Report

Trade has been about growth and efficiency. Now other goals are competing for attention, says Soumaya Keynes.

Advantages and limits of the Gates foundation

Young Chinese are both patriotic and socially progressive. That mix is already changing their country, says Stephanie Studer, our China correspondent.

Generation Xi

Young Chinese are both patriotic and socially progressive. That mix is already changing their country, says Stephanie Studer, our China correspondent.

The booming business of knitting together the world’s power grids

Intermittent renewables and current mayhem in energy markets highlight the importance of firms that link up producers of power with faraway consumers.

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