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Important information for Westpac customers

We are making the following important changes to the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions effective from 13 February 2018.

Change summary

Online Banking (Westpac Live) Terms and conditions have been amended for the New Payments Platform functionality, including new clauses addressing the ability to:

  • send and receive faster Osko Payments; and
  • create a PayID, and send and receive payments to a PayID.

Change detail

The following definitions are added to ‘Meaning of Words’:

  • Osko means the Osko payment service administered by BPAY.
  • Osko Payment means a Pay Anyone payment made using the Osko service.
  • PayID means a unique identifier held in a central register by NPP Australia Limited and accessible to participating financial institutions to facilitate payments to a PayID.
  • Basic Single Credit Transfers (SCTs) means a credit payment message, other than an overlay service payment or an international funds transfer instructions payment, sent by a New Payments Platform (NPP) participant via the NPP basic infrastructure for the benefit of a payee with another NPP participant.
    The definition of Payment has been extended to include an Osko Payment.

In Part 1 Section C

  • Payments clause 5.2 is extended to include Osko Payments.
  • Pay to Mobile clause 5.11 has been updated to detail that a Payment to a mobile phone number will usually be processed as an Osko Payment.  However, if Pay to Mobile is available and the recipient has registered their mobile number to receive Pay to Mobile payments with any member of the Westpac Group, then the payment may be processed through Pay to Mobile.
  • A new clause 5.18 has been added for Osko, detailing the following:
    • Osko facilitates payments between participating financial institutions.
    • Osko is a Pay Anyone Payment and not a BPAY® payment (despite it being made available by BPAY).
    • Customers eligible to make an Osko Payment who make a Pay Anyone Payment to a person eligible to receive an Osko Payment will usually have the Payment sent using Osko.
    • Osko Payments cannot be stopped once it is submitted.
    • When you receive an Osko Payment it will immediately form part of your available balance, however if received after the end of a Banking Day it will not be included in the balance for other purposes (interest, fees, overdrawing etc) until the next Banking Day.
    • An Osko Payment can be accompanied by a short description and customers are liable for the content of any description provided.

  • New clauses 5.19 and 5.20 have been added for PayID, detailing the following:
    • PayID is a unique identifier (such as your mobile number) that can be used to receive payments from participating Australian financial institutions.
    • Following PayID creation, the PayID will be linked to an eligible Account.  Payments to your Account can then be made using your PayID rather than the BSB and Account number.
    • If you have an eligible Account you can also make Payments to other people using their PayIDs.
    • Payments to a PayID count towards your Daily Payment Limit.
    • PayIDs (and your linked details) are held in a central register by NPP Australia Limited accessible to parties who use the register such as participating financial institutions and their customers.
    • Your PayID can only be linked to one account at a single participating financial institution.
    • You and any User are solely responsible for providing correct details for any payment made or received using a PayID.  We have no liability for processing any payment made in accordance with PayID details provided.
    • When processing payments to a PayID, Westpac does not check the owner of the PayID.

  • New clauses 5.21, 5.22, 5.23 and 5.24 have been added for creating and managing your PayID, detailing the following:
    • PayIDs can be created through Online Banking.
    • To transfer an existing PayID to Westpac, you need to contact the financial institution where it is registered.
    • Not all accounts can be linked to a PayID and we may not allow all types of PayIDs to be linked to an Account.
    • We need to be satisfied you are entitled to use the identifier chosen as your PayID. If there is a conflict or dispute over a PayID, we may lock or close the PayID.
    • If you have registered your Mobile phone number for Westpac Pay to Mobile, we may require you to create a PayID with us before continuing to make Payments using Pay to Mobile.
    • You must keep your PayID details with us up to date, and notify us immediately if they change.
    • Contact us to change your PayID or update your PayID details; change the Account linked to your PayID; transfer your PayID; or close, lock or unlock your PayID.
    • If you request us to transfer, lock or close your PayID, your Account will remain able to receive payments to your PayID until processing of your request is completed.
    • If you request a transfer of your PayID to another financial institution and they do not process the request within the required timeframe, your transfer request will be cancelled.

  • New clauses 5.25 and 5.26 have been added for locked and closed PayIDs, detailing the following:
    • You can request we lock your PayID.
    • When a PayID is locked you will not be able to receive payments to it or transfer it to another financial institution.
    • You must immediately notify us if you suspect unauthorised use of your PayID.
    • We may, acting reasonably, lock or close your PayID at any time, including because:
      • we reasonably suspect that you may not have the right to use a PayID;
      • we reasonably consider you have induced us to create or register a PayID by fraud;
      • your linked Account is blocked or suspended;
      • we believe your PayID is being used in a way that may cause loss to you or us; or
      • we believe your PayID has become inactive.
      • If your Online Banking facility is closed (and your PayID has not been transferred to another financial institution) we may close your PayID.

  • New clause 5.27 has been added in relation to privacy and PayIDs, containing the following:
    • A person using your PayID will be able to view certain details linked to the PayID.
    • By using a PayID you agree to this disclosure and use of your personal information by, and to, participating financial institutions, users of PayID payment services, and the providers of the PayID payment facilities (including NPP Australia Limited and BPAY).
  • Scheduled payments clause 7.7 is updated to specify that scheduled payments are limited to eligible payment types and are not available for all payment services.
  • Clauses 8.8 and 9.1 are amended to include Osko Payments.

In Part 1 Section D

  • Mistaken Internet Payments clause 6 is amended to extend the operation of the mistaken internet payments regime under the ePayments Code to Osko Payments and SCTs.

In Part 2

  • The Administrator tasks listed in clause 2.2 are amended to include managing PayIDs.

Terms and conditions, and other fees and charges, apply to your accounts and payments. For the updated Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions visit from 13 February 2018.