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55 Day Mastercard (no longer for sale)

Latest Information

Our 55 Day Mastercard credit card is no longer available. See our full range of available credit cards.

55 Day Mastercard holders

If you currently have a 55 Day Mastercard, nothing has changed. Existing benefits, features, fees and the conditions that apply are outlined below.


Annual fee and interest free days

  • $0 annual fee in the first year (currently saving $30)
  • $0 annual fee in subsequent years when you spend $10,000 or more on purchases in the previous year using your card
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases when you pay the closing balance in full by the due date shown on your statement.

Variable interest rates

  • On purchases - 20.09% p.a.
  • On cash advances - 21.49% p.a.

Minimum credit limit

  • $1,000 minimum credit limit.


Card security

  • Cardshield™ helps defend against fraudulent activity
  • Increased credit card security where your card comes with an embedded microchip
  • Extra security when you shop at participating online retailers by registering with Mastercard® SecureCode™ through the Westpac Added Online Security service
  • Fraud Protection, 24/7

All mobile payments are backed by our Fraud Money Back Guarantee. Plus, you can choose to enter your mobile banking password each time you make a purchase for added peace of mind or disable mobile payments in your phone’s NFC settings at any time.

Additional cardholder

  • Add one additional cardholder (16 years or older) at no extra cost
  • The account holder (primary cardholder) is liable for all transactions on these cards and their own card.

Contactless technology

For a fast and convenient payment option for purchases under $100 - simply hold your contactless card against the terminal wherever you see the contactless symbol or your card logo - no need to enter a PIN or sign (where available).

  • Now you can use your Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 or Note 3 (N9005) smartphone to tap and pay for everyday purchases.
  • Simply download the Westpac Mobile Banking app and choose which debit or credit cards you wish to use for mobile payments.
  • To make a payment simply hold the back of your Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 or Note 3 (N9005) smartphone against the contactless terminal.

Fraud Money Back Guarantee


Fees (these may change) Amount
Annual fee $0 annual fee in the first year (currently saving $30). $0 annual fee in subsequent years - when you spend $10,000 or more on purchases in the previous year using your card.
Foreign Transaction Fee

A Foreign Transaction Fee is payable as a percentage of the Australian dollar value of any Foreign Transaction. The percentage will vary depending on the applicable credit card scheme:

  1. Transactions in foreign currency
    • Mastercard®: 3.0%
  2. Transactions in Australian dollars and the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located overseas:
    • Mastercard®: 3.0%

Note: It may not always be clear to you that the Merchant or entity processing the transaction is located outside Australia.

Cash advances/Withdrawal fee

An administrative charge of 2% of the value of the transaction will apply to each cash advance made on your card account, where your account has a negative (debit) balance after the transaction has been posted to it. A minimum charge of $2.50 and a maximum charge of $150 will apply.

Where your account has a positive (credit) balance after the transaction has been posted to it, only a charge of $2.50 will apply.

These charges will appear on your credit card statement directly below the relevant cash advance.

Missed payment charge $15 may be payable each statement cycle that the whole of the minimum monthly payment is not paid by the statement due date. If charged, the Missed Payment Charge will be debited to your account.
Over-limit fee If your card account was opened before 4 June 2012, a fee of $15 may be debited from your credit card account every time you exceed your credit limit during a statement cycle. It is debited from your account in that statement cycle, on or after the day(s) your credit limit is exceeded. This fee may also be charged whenever your account is over limit at the commencement of a statement cycle.
Balance transfer fee A balance transfer fee of 1% of the transferred balance(s) will be charged to the 55 Day card account on the same day these balance(s) are debited to the account.
Non-Westpac Group ATM fee Although not a Westpac fee, using your card in a non-Westpac Group ATM may result in a charge to you. Avoid this fee by using one of Westpac’s extensive network of ATMS across Australia (including any St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne ATMs) . Find a Westpac Group ATM.
Credit card surcharge In some instances, businesses may administer a ‘surcharge’ for credit card payments. Usually, these are a percentage fee of your purchase amount. Ask the merchant if a surcharge applies and how much it is before paying if you’re unsure.


Transaction Interest rates
Purchases 20.09% p.a. (variable)
Cash advances 21.49% p.a. (variable)


Credit card repayment protection

Optional credit card repayment protection insurance helps cover your card repayment obligations if you lose your job, or are unfit for work due to sickness, injury, or disease.

Credit Card Repayment Protection Product Disclosure Statement. (PDF 209KB)

This insurance is issued by Westpac General Insurance Limited ABN 99 003 719 319 (WGIL) and Westpac Life Insurance Services Limited ABN 31 003 149 157 (WLIS) each of which is liable for separate risks under the terms of the policy. This product is distributed by Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (the Bank) and is not an investment in or deposit with the Bank. No Westpac Group company (other than the Bank as policy distributor and WGIL and WLIS as the product issuers) has any liability in connection with the policy or this document. The Bank doesn’t guarantee payments under the policy.

For more information, including the Consumer Credit Card Terms and Conditions, see 

Credit Card Terms and Conditions (PDF 240KB)

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