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Apply for an additional card

Adding an additional cardholder is an ideal way to share the benefits and convenience of your credit card with someone else without having to open a new credit card account.

It means both you and your additional cardholder can share the one credit card account and be able to use your card in different places at the same time. No additional cardholders allowed on Flex Card.

Who can I make an additional cardholder?

Additional cardholders need to be over 16 years. You can have one additional cardholder for your personal credit card account. If the Primary card holder is eligible and has a linked PartPay Card, it will automatically be issued to additional cardholders.   

How to apply for an additional cardholder

How much does it cost to have an additional cardholder?

You can have one additional cardholder at no extra cost.

Who is responsible for the credit card?

As the primary cardholder, you’ll be responsible for the use of the additional card on your account and will need to pay for all transactions made by the additional cardholder, including any charges as set out in the terms and conditions.

What does the additional cardholder need to know?

The additional cardholder will be issued with a credit card with their name on it which will be linked to the same credit card account as the primary cardholder. An additional cardholder will also need to comply with the terms and conditions that apply to the card.

The additional cardholder will be able to:

  • Use their credit card for purchases and cash advances
  • Create a PIN unique to their card
  • View the credit card account within Online Banking.

The additional cardholder won’t be able to redeem or query rewards account information.

Removing an additional cardholder

To cancel an additional card, cut the card up and return it to us or give us a call to let us know you’ve cut up the card and have disposed of it securely. You’ll then need to write to us to confirm you’ve cancelled the additional card.

If you’re unable to destroy the card, you’ll need to contact us to put a stop on the card account.