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Using and making changes to your card

Apply for an additional card


Adding an additional card holder is an ideal way to share the benefits and convenience of your credit card with someone else without having to open a new credit card account.


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Manage my credit limit

You can apply to decrease or increase your credit limit to better manage your finances at any time.

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Making credit card repayments

You can take the hassle out of credit card repayments by setting up an automatic payment every month to your card. You can choose to pay the full balance.

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Using your credit card for shopping online

Using your credit card to shop online is not only convenient; it also means the world becomes your shopping mall.

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Changing to a new card

You might find that over time your credit card has not kept up with your needs. Perhaps you want a credit card that offers more features, or you’re looking for a card with a lower purchase rate.

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Setting up automatic payments

Direct debits are a handy way to pay your regular bills such as power, gas and phone or gym membership automatically from your credit card.

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Balance transfers for existing customers

Consolidating multiple balances from non-Westpac credit cards, charge cards or store cards can save you the hassle and cost of maintaining several cards and could offer several benefits.

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Contactless FAQs

Information and frequently asked questions about Westpac’s contactless technology

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Contactless technology

Contactless technology offers you a faster way to pay with your contactless card.

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24/7 access

Work the way you want with these convenient ways to access your accounts.